Never Change What Is Natural


Fiction - Intrigue
107 Pages
Reviewed on 11/20/2012
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Author Biography

Prague Raja, a writer and a film maker lives in the city of Toronto, Canada with his wife and two daughters. His beloved homeland is Coimbatore, South India.
He has a rich experience of various cultures by travelling extensively and interacting with people and their lives. He brings this experience to his writing with a vibrant variety of characters reacting to the world they live in and invite you to be part of its infinite imagination. This is a Fiction - Intrigue novel. It is also adapted as a screenplay to hit the big screens.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alice DiNizo for Readers' Favorite

Sir Christopher Louis is an extremely wealthy young man, born into the English aristocracy. In fact, he is one of the wealthiest men in the world with Louis Holdings interests ranging from computers to shopping malls. Sir Louis, as he is known, has everything: cars, castles, loyal employees and a beautiful girlfriend named Daisy. But he feels that something is missing in his life and finally finds what he senses is lacking: beautiful, expressive eyes! Sir Louis wants a complete eye transplant and funds the medical research that will give him and the eye donor perfect eye sight after surgery. And Sir Louis finds just the eyes he desires, those of Rakbir Singh's employee, Sham. Sir Louis grows close to Sham and Sham's girlfriend, Richlin, but then it is time for the eye surgery which is totally successful. Sir Louis loves his new eyes but what is this? He also finds himself going into butcher shops and mincing a leg of lamb, getting blood and gore all over his expensive clothing. Has Sir Louis taken on more than Sham's eyes?

Prague Raja has written a delightful allegory of a man who has everything but just isn't satisfied. When he goes after what he desires, unexpected changes occur. Sir Christopher Louis, Sham, and all the other characters, both major and minor, are believable and suit this tale of affluent foolishness well. The author gently guides the reader through allegory. This style allows the reader to come to their own conclusions. Raja's writing style is quite suitable for telling this story. The plot flows smoothly to the end and will leave readers with smiles upon their faces as Sir Louis finds that money doesn't always buy what is desired.