No Boundaries

Fiction - Visionary
405 Pages
Reviewed on 08/03/2018
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Author Biography

The author PG Cartwright is YOU.
You author books - not to earn your livelihood, but to share with everyone - your vision of the “World with No Boundaries”.
You came of a lower middle class family. Your entire world comprised your parents and your siblings. Anyone in this small world was prepared to sacrifice his/her share for the benefit of other family members. The ethos that your parents taught you in this small world, you followed assiduously in the big world, searching for the truth; you found answers in the concept of Oneness, thanks to Swami Vivekananda.
A steel tube rolling specialist, you accepted the challenge of starting EDP in one organisation. You strived to develop computer-awareness in the society across industries. You migrated to a developed country and continued your endeavour by coupling your business vision with careful observation. You introduced architecture for integrating bank applications – perhaps with a mission of integrating the world later.
You’ve travelled around the world; listened to people, collaborated with them in projects.
Still you’ve never forgotten the pains you’ve been through because of traditional boundaries, rules and regulations. You envisage a world where citizen would know no country boundaries, no family boundaries.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

No Boundaries by P.G. Cartwright is not your everyday book, touching on many taboos and controversial topics that not many people would like to write about. P.G. Cartwright took the courage to write about Mass Disobedience of Immigration Visas that is believed to be perpetuated by Jie-won, a man who believes in the oneness of the world where there are no boundaries and people live where and how they wanted. The book is written in a very descriptive manner as the author tries to explain what is happening in Jie-won’s mind and the circumstances that led to him developing this idea about a society that lets people be.

How does a man live in a society where his every single move is predetermined by the people around him? It is not easy living with boundaries and borders that have been erected around people to make them behave in a way that is deemed “correct” and “right.” The author looks into the mind of Jie-won and his memoir, trying to describe what that man wanted the world to know. The author first gives the description of the circumstances of Jie-won’s life and then lets Jie-won tell his story of how he wished for a world where there were no boundaries for families, friends and countries, and where humans could just live together in peace.

A powerful narrative giving a powerful message, No Boundaries is a book that will have you thinking late into the night and asking yourself questions. The flow of the book is smooth and strong, which allows the reader to become invested in the story and enjoy it while digesting what is being offered to them. The language is simple, the flow is fast and the message behind describing the life and beliefs of a man who brought something different to the table is strong. This is definitely a book that a person should read at least once in their lifetime. Educational and interesting.

Parames Ghosh

Never I have read a book like ‘No Boundaries’ by P G Cartwright published by Horizon Publishing Group of Australia.
This book is different from any other book It is neither a thesis, nor it is a novel, this is a book of no known genre. It doesn’t have a story that ends in marriage or death of the lead character. This book facilitates to remove boundaries, to end domestic violence. By removing the disparity between the married and the singles. It is a story of varieties of boundaries we encounter; A traditional journey of life leads to the vision of the future. Know no boundaries, In the World granted to us. Let us belong to our World, Let the World belong to us. Like the sky above and The air we breathe in, Let granted be the World For us to work for and to live in. Many anchors to our identity Let us have as individuals - Our family, our community, our religion, Our party, our country, Our World. How attached we feel to each anchor And how one anchor competes with another Determines whether we work together Or destroy and fight with each other. Amongst all our anchors Let Our World Dominate. Let every other anchor Help the World Citizens communicate. Let boundaries disappear Between countries and families Let us reach the heaven in our world, Know no boundaries.