Ocean City Lowdown

Jamie August

Fiction - Mystery - General
375 Pages
Reviewed on 08/19/2013
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Author Biography

Kim Kash is the author of Ocean City Lowdown: A Jamie August Novel (Amazon Kindle, 2013) and the bestselling Ocean City: A Guide to Maryland's Seaside Resort (Channel Lake, 2009). She is a Maryland native and a founder of the Greenbelt Farmers Market near Washington, D.C. At age 40, Kim and her husband sold everything and moved to the Middle East. Since then, she has traveled extensively and has taken up sailing, diving, and rock climbing.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

In Ocean City Lowdown, author Kim Kash introduces readers to Jamie August, a young woman with an inquisitive mind who lives in the old part of the resort town Ocean City, Maryland. As a writer who always gets her story, Jamie has always wanted to be an investigative reporter. She is ready to uncover and report on the graft and corruption in her beloved town. Against her editor's wishes, Jamie gets involved when a snitch is found dead. With her friends Trina and Big Mary, she evades dangerous situations and dubious men while searching for the truth.

Ocean City Lowdown is undeniably a fun read from start to finish. The setting and scenes are well-portrayed; as a person that never set a foot in Ocean City, I could actually feel that I was there with the characters. It somehow reminds me of my Nancy Drew reading days, except that everything in this story is more mature and much better –- murder, suspense, comedy, and bad guys. The multi-layered plot is very well-written. I am also impressed with the pacing of the story. Kim Kash knows when to walk and dash the readers along with each scene.

All in all, I am glad that I found this Jamie August series as I have been looking for a great female investigator story, something to replace my Nancy Drew and Miss Marple days. This is a fun read, written by an exceptional and experienced author. I look forward to Jamie’s next case.