One Consciousness

The True Message of the Mandela Effect Reality

Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural
372 Pages
Reviewed on 07/04/2019
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Author Biography

Spiritual Teacher of reiki and chi and awakened psychic. Awakened in life to understand all of existence. It wasn't until after the Mandela effect everything was revealed to me. I left this physical world and seen the truth , where we are and what we are. My life has been one of hardship to this day but understanding why is the key for me. Without the events that occurred my self awareness could not be completed. I have witnessed miracles and much more that have shown the truth of all existence. We are all one linked consciousness of electromagnetic code.

Im 42 and look after two elderly parents and started a YouTube channel when I was told from the source it's time for people to remember who they are again from spirit. My life journey has been to give the world this valuable information and remove the embedded indoctrinated programs of brainwash society creates. The earth is a vibrational simulation and you are the game players!!!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

In One Consciousness (The True Message of the Mandela Effect Reality) by A.W. White, the goal of the book is to help others having similar experiences by using personal encounters and a personal journey. One Consciousness looks at a different view of reality and through smartly written explanations explores quantum designs and divine insights while opening up the mind to the idea of the law of duality. A.W. White starts with an explanation of the Mandela effect which is simply a group of people whose memories are altered because they have experienced different timelines. In this way, One Consciousness sets up the rest of the book while weaving in several different aspects of spirituality, duality, and awareness which aim to help those experiencing similar occurrences understand what a higher self is. White offers several personal encounters with the paranormal and various drug-altered experiences which have helped shape an understanding.

The paranormal encounters focus on different experiences including black shadow men, a haunted house, an eerie whisper, and mysterious opening doors. Each story told is brief and used in support of the larger topic detailing consciousness, but these stories also add a deeper understanding by using personal experiences in the form of teaching. The style structure has specific sentences and words in bold which draw to the eye to those sections and makes them stick out more to the mind. Each page delves into another aspect of the consciousness that allows for a better understanding with time spent exploring how the consciousness and technology go together.

To show this understanding better, White uses examples which will be easy to comprehend, ranging from the classic Alice in Wonderland to The Matrix trilogy. Other aspects explored thoroughly are chakras, chi, ki, and a map of consciousness. To put it simply chakras are energy points and White breaks down and details each one: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Crystals are also included with a handy list detailing meaning and purpose. One Consciousness is an engaging and thorough read with a vast supply of information that will help even those with little knowledge of consciousness.

Tony White

Thank you for an amazing review and I'm glad you enjoyed my teachings. I hope many find peace with understanding the truth behind fabrication and how amazing we all are as light.


This book explains everything from our reality/spirituality/science to our chakras/the human consciousness, and the real reason about the Mandela effect and how our reality manifests through vibration & frequencies/electromagnetics and allot more.
A well deserved 5 star as he covers soo much in such an easy to understand way.

I used to wonder to myself "is this just it?? surely there must be more to our life(reality)"
once i read this book it all fell into place for me.

In summary
If your looking to expand your mind from the everyday programming & understand the real construct of our multiverse,
then i'm suggesting this.

Major Ola ( Amazon Us)

I was searching for answers when I found this book....

I told Tony I would review this book and here it is 3 months later. It took me that long to get through the book because it is DEEP. If you've been indoctrinated as deeply as I was don't expect to understand shortly. Tesla said something like if you want to understand the world you should concentrate on Energy-Frequency-Vibration...Tony will help you understand just that. The book also helped me make sense of some Bible mysteries, our world and what is happening, and why others behave as they do...and most of all I no longer have any fears regarding death...kind of reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and the Red Slippers. I highly recommend this book with much gratitude to the author.

Michele ( Amazon Us)

It Gets Deep!

Yay ! I got your book 2 days ago. Am up to page 68 right now. Very interesting to hear about some of your early experiences and learn more about how you have evolved. Your writing style is unique and knowing how you speak from your videos, it is like I can hear you saying the words as I read them, which is very cool

Cammy (Amazon Uk)

Coolest book about spiritual stuff

This book is very well written and detailed with tons of content and colour pictures included. It talks about the truth of reality and the matrix, and gives techniques for meditation and it also gives information about chakras and crystals all that cool stuff. If you're like me, you know a bit about the paranormal and this book includes paranormal experiences that influenced the auther Tony throughout his life, and it explains why these strange events happen. It's pretty much an instruction manual for the game of life and it has helped me to develop more of a passion for my Thai boxing sport and to build deeper relationships with people because it basically helps you understand that life is something we do because we enjoy it, we like the thrill and we like to create fun experiences. It's not to be feared or to take too seriously!

In this book the Mandela Effect phenomenon is explained in detail - I've listened to the author Tony's podcast-type YouTube channel for at least 2 years and I was stunned initially with how he explained the Mandela Effect with a positive and balanced viewpoint on what happened - meanwhile the religious channels were freaking out and claiming that we were under attack CERN and all that, but I digress... Even if you don't believe the Mandela Effect happened, the reasons behind it are well worth knowing about or at least entertaining the idea for a different point of view!

In summary, if you have any interest in spirituality, meditation, ghosts, paranormal stuff, life enhancement, energy work or any other cool stuff that is definitely not common these days then buy this book, and go for the hardback easy to read edition too. Highly Recommended.

Barry ( Amazon Uk)

Absolutely amazing
The only book you will ever need to explain everything about life and reality, I dont usually read many books cos im a bit dyslexic and usually lose where im at on the page because most books writing is all the same size, but this one has bold writing and normal sized writing (and pictures) which makes it super easy to read.
Iv been following Tony on youtube for a couple of years now and love his work, I find life a LOT easier now because of it.
This book is what they should be teaching you at school, I would highly recomend everyone to buy this book and start learning some important, useful education that they must have forgot to tell us, or didnt want us to know when we were growing up :))

James Galloway ( Amazon UK)

Has potential to set people free! Brilliant!!!

Love this book! Well written, tonnes of information, and it completely makes sense! I was drawn to this purchase and now I realise why. I am happy to highly recommend this to anybody questioning reality, it could even be life changing for you.

Jules ( Amazon UK)

This book will give you the truth & change your view on reality!!!

We live in an electromagnetic multiverse, and we vibrate at the same frequency as earth which is called the schumans resonance, if you are interested in how we as humans operate also on a spiritual level, then this book is definitely for you, very easy to understand and I can guarantee that after reading this the jigsaw will be mostly complete, I haven't finished it yet but sofar I am very impressed. To be honest all the info would take at least 4-5 months of continuous research and more to get all of what I have learned over the last 2yrs, and that would be every day non stop if u was to do it in the 4-5months as I have stated.
If you want to know something different from what mainstream is showing you, get this book.

Ian D Pudge ( Amazon UK)

Hidden techniques

I have been looking forward to this book for ages and was very pleased when I found out it was on Amazon. It contains so much information on all sorts of eye opening things that has broadened my horizon and made me go into deep thought, because the insight of this book is truly something else. I am not much of a reader but I can't put this book down I love it! I highly recommend this book to anyone who's interested in alternative ideas and expanding their consciousness. I am on the right path and if you're thinking of getting this book you are too, namste ≤3

Malvern White ( father of author)

One Consciousness is the most exciting manual that one can ever purchase. It reveals many aspects of the trials and tribulations that we endure every day. This is my personal opinion of the work itself and even though being proud the review here is of the work and not bias because I'm reviewing my son. The effort that my son has put into the writing of this manual is beyond understanding unless one experiences the same. I am in my early 80s and experienced the Mandela effect and life itself has changed dramaticly to the understandings now that through what my son teachers has brought enlightenment to reveal the truth I recommend that all people who are searching for the bigger picture to purchase the manual as you won't be disappointed as proven by the 5 star reviews to which I'm proud to be one.

I witnessed life miracles that can't possibly be explained by rational thought and hold my testimony to that fact.Anyone my age that needs the truth please listen to me and know after you read this manual you won't be afraid of death or life anymore.

Kimberly Ketelaar ( US)

Medium & RN Usui Reiki Master

In Praise of One Consciousness (Instruction Manual)

This is an impressive and welcomed marvel. It's a GEM in a darkened world. There are wonderful stories here, along with in depth and deeply personal sharing. In this terrific book... manual....Tony White truly knows how to teach and make things easy to understand. As a map out of Hell... a way out of the ego mind-set of Fear, unworthiness, lack and separation. Tony shows us how to read the map.

Thank you Tony White for this beautiful, practical and timely book ...which is sure to assist many in their quest to find out the TRUTH of this reality!

Tanja Van Loo (NL)

Astral Tv Psychic
"I love this book so much Tony it is amazing how much resonates with me"

Debbie Conley (Queensland. AUS)

Divine Synchronicity led me to Tony and his amazing YouTube channel of awareness. As I was inwardly seeking answers in this game called life, his channel appeared on my feed as if a gift from Divine Source itself. I cannot express enough how his amazing insights have helped me on my own journey. He has helped me deal with the severe roller coaster of life I have been struggling with for the last few years. I am now more balanced due to his guidance and able to see things in a totally new way. I have learnt so much as well as reaffirmed what we (All) already know...yet somehow had forgotten. Tony teaches the One thing we all need to remember, to raise your vibration Love is the only Answer as we are All connected and Are One. Tony shows us how to bring out the Amazing in us that we have been taught to keep hidden

Robin Neely (Michigan.US)

Very good and helpful `information, advice and tips and amazing insight. You explain things very well. Im always loving watching your videos and listening to your knowledge and wisdom as well as feeling your incredible energy. This is exactly what we need as the world to understand to wake up again. Thank you for what you do and always continue to walk in the light my brother, your sister in consciousness of the one light, Robin <3

Michael Nickell (California.US)

I owe my deepest gratitude to the man for opening my eyes. Although, I am still learning daily this connection I was able to align vibrations. His frequency was able to read me and call out my imbalances in my Chakras. I was amazed that through the internet medium, without ever speaking to me, gave a read of once in a past variation of my journey did I drown? I was amazed. The fact is I will not go on water either by boat or flight as the subconscious fear prevents me in a very real phobia. The jump off point which was due to Tony has opened my path to the left and to the right, but is always straight down the middle. I look forward to more insight from this man for he is one who has seen beyond what most any might ever see. His words ring true calling upon you beyond the firmament. Thanks brother, we are forever connected in higher vibrational energies of light. Maybe one day we will finally meet, and you can buy the first found of beers!

Robert Thompson (Illinois.US)

I was researching Mandela Effect one day and run across Tonys YouTube channel SRPHD, and decided to watch his video, that was two years ago. I have been a subscriber to his YouTube channel ever since, IM GLAD I DID, BECAUSE HE IS SPOT ON IN HIS TEACHINGS!!, Looking forward to another two years of Tonys Amazing Insight Thanks Brother!

Rick Guerrero (Connecticut.US)

I would like to express my thanks to Tony. He has great insight and has helped me on my path to the Lord. I've experienced a lot of De Ja Vu and Tony cleared that up. I've been able to resonate with vibes; energy frequencies and Tony has helped me get in tune with those energies. It's great to understand his stage of life, and always look forward to being with the Lord again. Tony has great insight and knowledge to tap into things we are not aware of. Im glad to have been able to expand my knowledge to this as well.

Leah Templeman (Kent.Uk)

Tony's completely down to earth, no holds barred, passionate approach to his expression of life, is refreshingly honest and real! I stumbled across his presence on YouTube some time ago, while looking for some answers and some back up to some personal and spiritual questions and realisations I had made. It was easy to see straight off that this man was awake! Listening to his teachings, I found some of the pieces of my own puzzle, that helped me progress and grow. My life is now flowing like a river like one Tony's freestyle hip-hop rhymes <3 Life has many great teachers, Tony has been one of mine!

Dipak Patel (Indiana US)

Dear Brothers and Sisters; I am Dipak Patel an entrepreneur and truth seeker from Indiana. I have been watching Tony's videos for just a few months and he has really connected a lot of dots for me, answers that I've been seeking forever. We have been in an endless loop it seems but some of us are digging our way out to remembering who we really are! What a relief to finally find some satisfactory answers - we are light beings but have forgotten. I guess when you're ready the teacher will come and Tony is the teacher I've been seeking. I am from India and I've gone down many paths seeking the answers but after a while I noticed the cracks. What Tony says about the Matrix makes so much sense and he's not the only one saying we are just avatars wanting to play games so we actually helped make this Matrix so hard we lost our way into thinking this 5 senses game was all there was to life but you'll see why it's not while reading this book. It will change you, your soul will recognize and resonate with the truth, you won't stop thinking about what Tony is saying and won't be able to put the book down. Once you awaken though we need to help others do the same and remember the powerful light beings we are. I have had a chance to hear some parts of the book and it is amazing how Tony puts everything in the proper order for us to understand what he has already experienced and how to get there ourselves! I had to rewind and listen to parts several times before "I got it", some of it is still over my head and perhaps you'll have trouble grasping everything but there's so much information that I resonate with now and I know I'll understand more later that I feel like this will become a reference book for me and many others! It is a MUST READ! These are the answers you're looking for - Tony knows it and so do I NOW! There are explanations of The Mandela Effect and what Time really is that will blow your mind. I could just keep going but I'll stop for now! Sincerely Dipak

David Forslund (Marysville US)

Hi Im Dave. I am a RV mechanic at Roy Robinson in Marysville WA. For over a year almost I have learned so much more out this true reality from SRPHD, aka MC Hijack, MR. Anthony White. I know we Might be half a world apart. I'm from and live just north of the Greater Seattle WA. I recently found my way back home, but the truth is I truly wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Living in this game is just a phase. Just a spark of energy. If we are playing the game. Then what can stop us from reaching our true potential. How do you want to build/construct the body/collective body? TONY, YOU HAVE HELPED ME UNDERSTAND APART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE. I don't know if I would have ever pushed myself this far. This fast. To understand more about everything that makes us who we truly are. DMT always. ELEVATION OF YOUR SELF TO A HIGHER CALIBRATION, no need for discrimination, One Love Across all Nations. So, stop hesitating, get out there and be the best that you can be, believe in yourself your fellow neighbours and you just might see. God's glory reaches down to touch you. Become somebody who is humble and true. Through and through. Be who you were Called to be. To never let The They and The Them rip you apart. Or defile your true love. The one in your heart. The one that Spoke you into existence. Above all, live in Love for all things. To plant seeds of hope in every being. In every beginning. Faith is equal to your true vibration. Trusting that you will do the right thing is equals to your Frequency. The Consciousness Fabrication of mind body and soul. From your crown Chakra, down to the floor. Step fourth in to Greatness and write your own Destination. Go on and resonate this. What is your design? What is your purpose? Are these just meaningless words? Before I ever wrote this.^.^.^. When I went through the shift of the Mandela effect. I was surprised looking for answers. I found more than that when I found the documentaries of Tonys YouTube channel. I found we are all Children of God. Thank you, Tony for Speaking the Truth. Thank you for your Insight into the fabrication of all things.

Daniel Garcia (US)

Review of Tonya Teachings.

Tonys possibly one of the most controversial You Tubers of his generation. Tonys straight forward approach is enlightening, honest, and a threat to the mainstream religious dogma. Let it be known that during this time of the great spiritual awakening many where crying out in the wilderness after experiencing the Mandela effect first hand, and whether you agree or not Tonys voice was in your face with such conviction, you could tell it could have only come from the heart. Very few people have the courage to speak their truth the way he does and for that he gets my deepest respect and admiration

Mervin Talma (AUS)

I have known Tony all my life , from the old school days and he never could do anything like he can now after the Mandela Effect , I was sceptical about all he teaches coming from a religious upbringing , One night I visited him he did energy work on me , I could feel him inside my body moving the energy up as he was saying he was until we reached my crown , I felt the divine love of God to what brought me into tears As a strong man it was remarkable the energy that I felt and the connection to the One . I understood instantly how wrong Indoctrinated religion is and how we have been purposely misled to be able to find the truth. After this experience I was lucky enough to listen to seven hours of his teachings of this book playing in audio, And wow! We all should know this information. It will allow you to become to a peace with everything that society and the physical reality try oh so well to hide. Thank you, Brother