One More

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Reviewed on 09/18/2015
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Author Biography

I enjoy creating and working on many ideas and thoughts at the same time. I've had a diverse set of life experiences from Publishing a newspaper, firefighter/paramedic to oil man, most importantly a husband and father. I write to express things that are important to me and I don't really care if they fit neatly into a "genre". If the writing is good, the rest will take care of itself.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Lance Haynes’ One More is a story of one more chance, one more day, one more minute to right the wrongs of the world. Richard Evans is a broken man, a hard working man, trying to overcome life’s burdens. Richard is conducting a geo-chemical survey in the desert of Nevada, when the world is literally turned off by a solar flare. Hundreds of miles from his wife and boys, all Richard can think of is getting home to his ranch in Texas. Panic, riots and looting hit the cities. Richard faces a horrendous journey. In his quest to get home, he must overcome traffic jams, no fuel, a broken truck, off-roading hazardous mountains trails, and crazed men and women who are hungry and lost in the chaos of survival. With each setback and detour, Richard meets the kindest and the most evil of people. In solitude, he recalls the most awful and fondest of memories. Through it all, Richards gains a new perspective, a renewed faith. By pushing through, being a light within the darkness, Richard Evans proves one man can make a difference.

Lance Haynes pens an exceptional tale of survival in One More. Haynes’ heart and soul flowed through every word; his fictional story grew out of his own personal journey. He articulates mankind’s violence and compassion with equal potency – “Grace and forgiveness are the weapons to fight the destroyer.” The narrative is visually stimulating, from the night sky, to desert heat, to the chill of the mountains, wide-eyed adrenaline surges of the action, outbursts of rage and conviction; your senses are heightened by the imagery, the figurative style and intense sensory descriptions. I am a pragmatic, somewhat stoic person; very few things bring out an emotional reaction in me. However, this novel drew me into its action, its drama, and its conflict. The struggle to push through, the resilience to never quit on life or love brought me to tears. Haynes portrays man’s fight to survive with truth and dignity. While some turn selfishly violent, others reach out in selfless heroic measures. In a turbulent and chaotic time of darkness, Richard (the main character) perfects humanity, without being perfect. He was the best of heroes. One More is a beautiful work of fiction, one that beckons to be read again and again.

Paul Johnson

Richard Evans is a man fighting failure and extreme anxiety. He blames himself for the death of his youngest son and the financial collapse brought about by failed investment opportunities. His long time marriage is falling apart as even deeper desperation sets in. Then, while on a surveying trip, Richard finally comes to the realization of what he must do to take control of his life. Like a dark cloud lifting, he realizes he has to go back home and patch things up with his estranged wife and children. But, fate has a way of putting obstacles in his path. The night he is to leave for home, a solar surge occurs and brings down power grids and communication satellites. The whole world was in chaos. But Richard is determined; he will not let anything stand in the way of reuniting with his family. Full of resolve, Richard begins a 2,000-mile journey home. Along the way, his path crosses many lives. Some need his help, some offer help to him, and others seek to wreck and ruin. Will Richard have the strength and courage to finish or will the cost be just too high?

One More by Lance Haynes could be considered one of many genres and hard to classify. I would simply put it down as an epic adventure. The author effectively uses flashback reflections to set up the story line. The protagonist has some heavy emotional problems, but the reader will quickly identify with him and appreciate the struggle he encounters and the determination he shows. The cast of characters is very well developed and the plot and pace are very good as well. Overall, a very enjoyable read.

Maria Beltran

In Lance Haynes’s One More, the story is character driven. Devastated by the recent loss of his child and financial failure, Richard Evans, the main character, decides to take control of his life for once. But something unexpected comes up that puts him in a situation where he needs to confront anything and everything in the dark. He embarks on a fateful journey back home, determined to see his family again despite the circumstances.

Although at first reading you feel that the book will lead you to a man seeking a second chance, singing a familiar redemption song, the tune will surprise you as One More is not actually leaving everything to chance. It is taking risks to achieve one’s goal in life. Since this book, to me, is character driven, I must admit that the author is certainly able to develop the lead character without fooling around. Lance Haynes veers away from creating a maze out of his characters just to make it more interesting and mysterious. He is straightforward and presents a tight characterization that readers can depend on.

At the end, hope is all that matters. Without it, how can a human spirit survive a journey that no one can even imagine? One More is seeing the light in the dark with a different, if not new, set of eyes. I think Lance Haynes knows the importance of finding the courage to see hope in the hopelessness. His book is proof of this.