Oz Will Fall

The Royal Marriage

Fiction - Fantasy - General
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Reviewed on 10/25/2017
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Author Biography

Since John was a kid, his favorite movie has always been The Wizard of Oz. As he got older, he and his brother developed an affinity for the horror film genre. Knowing his interests, John was introduced by Nicole to Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, which he found amazing. Intrigued by characters used from the original stories, John read the original 14 Oz books by L. Frank Baum. After noticing his increased interest in everything Oz related, Nicole, having already published a book, posed an unexpected question. If you could write a book, what would it be about? One immediate idea came to mind: John’s own dark, twisted version of the Wizard of Oz.

John has always enjoyed a good storyline filled with plot twists and surprises so he created a story that would also keep within his idea of a perfect horror story: something dark, twisted, and completely unexpected.

With the twisted story ready to be written, John and Nicole began collaboration to on their first book in a whole new dark Oz series. Out of respect for the original series, and being a huge proponent of keeping true to the originals, John created his ideal story. But as much as he stayed true the original, that didn’t stop him from breaking from the classics to bring is own dark aspects to the story every chance he could. After all, what fun is it to create the ultimate villain if you can’t break a few rules?

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage by John Malone and Nicole Delgado is a well-imagined and beautifully written fantasy that thrusts the reader into a world of magic, a world with its own rules. Oz was once subjugated to fear and terror by the evil sisters, the Wicked Witches of the East, until Dorothy Gale arrived and changed all of that. She leads the defeat of the evil witches. Now, Oz knows peace and magic is properly regulated under a conscientious Queen. Dorothy is the Princess, but she still needs to complete the cycle of the journey that would make her the kind of princess worthy of Oz —she has to unlock the powers of the ruby slippers. But things take a sudden turn and Oz is faced with a new threat, one that is more devastating than anything Oz has ever known. There is an evil lurking in the dark, bent on destroying everything that signifies the glory of Oz after ripping Dorothy apart. Can she survive this time and can she discover the secret of vanquishing this evil before it destroys her world?

John Malone and Nicole Delgado have crafted a yarn that pulls readers away from their daily life and thrusts them into an exciting world of conflict. The authors have a gift for creating powerful conflicts and characters that inspire a strong sense of empathy in readers. Again, the authors take the primordial conflict of good vs evil and transform it into a force that arouses a lot of interest and excitement in readers as they follow the memorable characters on their journey along a perilous path. The setting, though imaginary, is well-crafted, colorful, and easy to imagine. Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage features great writing, a gripping plot, and characters readers will root for. It’s a gem for fans of fantasy.

Sarah Stuart

Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage by John Malone and Nicole Delgado opens with a brief reminder, if readers need it, of young Dorothy Gale, the kid from Kansas, and her activities in the Emerald City. Next, we meet Dorothy, now twenty-five years old, practicing magic skills that are strictly controlled and monitored. Reminders of the past and glimpses of the missing years are intriguing. Queen Osma, taken by the Wizard to a witch in the north as a child for her protection, is now an adult and on the throne of Oz, and it is revealed that her soul was split in two and enemies can tap into her power. “Dorothy and Cletus are living examples of what a partnership should be,” but will the Royal Marriage save Oz, or will it fall?

Magic is vitally important to those who live in the Land of Oz, and readers will be enchanted throughout Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage by John Malone and Nicole Delgado. Dorothy, now Princess Dorothy, must learn the importance of guiding the magic power - such as that of her ruby slippers - which she is one of the few still permitted to practice. The words of the wedding service have been very cleverly adapted from those we are used to, and so has what follows. Unexpected, shocking… but you must read Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage for yourself. All I will say is that it held my interest as if John Malone and Nicole Delgado had woven a magic spell, and it will be certain to affect any reader tempted by this intriguing fantasy.

Sarah Rollins

Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage by authors John Malone and Nicole Delgado is a wonderfully imaginative but fantastical story which follows on from the renowned classic by Frank Baum. The book initially caught my attention because of my childhood love of the Wizard of Oz. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I read this story as it takes the original themes, and some of the characters we know and love, and twists them, giving the colourful land of Oz more of a darker edge – such as a red brick road and new characters that bring the story to life. The story will certainly appeal to those who love a good fantasy, as well as those who want to read a different and progressive version of the classic story.

What will really appeal to fantasy lovers is the way the authors, John Malone and Nicole Delgado, introduce new concepts and themes that we hadn’t really seen or read before in the classic, whilst keeping true to the original themes and characters as well. Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage is certainly a different take on the story, but what readers will love is that it brings the original classic into a new era. The entire story modernizes the adventure fantasy with more intense romance, tension and enchantment that will keep readers turning pages, hooked until the very end. The book is written in first person format, each chapter taking various characters, and at first, I wasn’t sure this would work. However, as a reader this style drew me into the story, taking me into each character’s mindset, and ultimately helped engage me further into the story. I congratulate the authors on a great story and recommend this book!