ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again!

A workbook to attract the one and much more in your life!

Non-Fiction - Relationships
144 Pages
Reviewed on 05/10/2015
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Author Biography

Authors Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier are not psychologists, but rather, they are individuals who each experienced breakups and divorces before finally attracting a blissful relationship. They met in 1995, became romantically involved in 1998 and married in 2001. They have been fascinated by “soul mate relationships” after being told, and realizing, that very few people succeed in attracting “the one” after they lived through one or more serious breakups. Through their own experiences and learnings with past relationships, their intention is to bring inspiration, hope and provide tools to help attract “the one,’’ the soul mate, the ideal life partner!

They are now committed to living their purpose, which is to demonstrate how to live harmonically by co-creating with God abundant lives. Their mission right now is to inspire individuals to draw their longing soul mate and couples to live blissfully together.

Mario & Diane are the proud parents of three great children: Noémie and Malorie, Mario’s daughters from his first marriage, and Peter, who is Diane’ son from her first marriage.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Nandita Keshavan for Readers' Favorite

ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! is an excellent book by Mario and Diane Cloutier which emphasises the importance of taking control of your thoughts and goals before seeking a potential partner. This book advocates the need to become reacquainted with oneself and learn to truly love oneself before seeking a partner. As a step by step guide, written from the male and female perspectives, the advice is refreshingly sound and direct and I had many views in common with the authors.

The Cloutiers share their life stories, show you their logic, and give several examples. The strong messages are intended to lead people to better self-awareness, and help them to identify the path that will most likely give the best results. Examples of truly insightful parts of the book are the “liberating secrets” and the importance of being surrounded by positive people. On a practical note, there is great advice on meeting people and screening them to find out if they really meet your criteria. Another touching and also practical point is Mario's advice to men on dating women showing leadership qualities - how this is best perceived and how it can be used to build a solid foundation in a relationship.

Being spiritual myself, I found that there were many beautiful and profound concepts and I can personally identify with the approach of taking courage from one's faith. Being a Hindu, I was pleased to see the term “dharma yuddha” or righteous war being used at the very start. Regardless of your faith, this book is intended to instill a definite sense of a spiritual war happening within, a war that will help you to overcome your blocks and fears and help you achieve your full potential.

The book advocates being firm in your resolve to find the right partner without being devoid of care and respect towards people who may not suit your goals. Often the advice of the book takes on a “no settlements, no compromises” attitude regarding people holding out for the type of partner they would like to be with. I found this inspirational and useful for people who suffered difficult relationships in the past and find themselves less willing to compromise on the kind of person they would like to be with. At the same time, it's equally useful to someone who is starting out and is looking for a more focused approach to dating.

The book encourages self introspection as a powerful tool, and encourages people to clearly define their gratitudes, beliefs, values and priorities. After all, how can you know if a person is right for you if you have not gotten to know yourself? You will get maximum benefit from this book if you use these tools and approach the principles with an open mind. Also, it's worth saying that this book is intended for people searching for a meaningful long term relationship. The tone of the book is meaningful, clear and direct. I hope this book will inspire people to create a powerful intention of being happy, successful and finding the right partner.

Robert Ahanes

Relationships far beyond intimacy and love begin from inside. Our inner self springs to life and choices drive us to the love we have today. We might experience a broken heart or lose the love of our life. In ReLovenship: Look Within To Love Again, Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier reveal the secret of how to find the “One” of our life and attract positive energy to have blissful companionship. The book reminds us that we have the right of choice, to pick and pay the price. Moreover, it invites us deep within ourselves, since everything we do, including love, friendships, jobs, and even choices, flow from our precious “Self”. Re-love yourself, change your mindset, and you will receive gifts your God has given to you.

Unlike most books on the market on relationships written by psychologists and psychiatrics, Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier utilize their personal experiences, mistakes, and outcomes in their book, ReLovenship: Look Within To Love Again. The simple language, attractive title, and pointing out the realities of life with one humble solution make the book unique. The authors try to change the readers’ mindset, to take them on a journey inside their psyche, deep into their thoughts which might have poisoned their personal and love lives. ReLovenship teaches a life without fear. In addition to the great writing style, the comprehensive format of the book is easy for anyone to follow, including step-by-step exercises which help you to find your personal solutions.

Jack Magnus

ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! is a non-fiction relationship workbook written by Mario P. Cloutier and Diana Sawaya Cloutier. The authors had each had previous relationships and children from those relationships. They were determined to get to know themselves and then each other before they committed to a relationship. Seventeen years later, they've decided to share the steps they took in starting out on that journey. Each chapter in the first section deals with a topic concerning self-awareness, self-worth and other means by which the reader can get to the heart of who they are and what their truths are. The second section covers going out into the field again, techniques for determining who will be that special person, and it contains cautions against settling for someone and/or feeling the need to get too close too soon. Each chapter includes homework assignments, and there are templates available online to help with those tasks. The authors also include a bibliography of cited works.

Mario P. Cloutier and Diana Sawaya Cloutier's inspirational self-help book on relationships, ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! offers no easy or quick fixes -- rather it's an informative and honest independent study guide that's premised on the authors' own relationship and experiences. The subject matter is clearly differentiated in such a way as to make it a relatively simple task if you're willing to commit the time and effort. I particularly liked the way Mario and Diana gave their own separate takes on things and found hearing each of their voices made the subject matter more approachable in many instances. While Relovenship was written with relationships in mind, many of the topics and assignments are ideal for anyone who wants to make the most of their lives and opportunities. I was also impressed with the list of readings and intend to follow up with some selected works. ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! is highly recommended.