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233 Pages
Reviewed on 07/19/2020
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Author Biography

This debut UK author is multilingual with a passion for all things STEM science, technology engineering, maths and space. Her novel is a unique combination of science fact meets science fiction. Fascinated by the future, our evolution, and the wonders of the natural world and above all else our potential thanks to pioneering progress in the biotechnology sector. Her motto is 'life is a gift', and as the tantalisingly proximate improved future is fast approaching, like most of us she is hoping we find answers to the fundamental questions...!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

“This story is part fiction and part factual imagining the unchartered journey ahead whilst inviting you to pause and reflect to consider life, the Multiverse and everything in it including you!” Senescence by Denver Scott takes readers on a page-turning odyssey, blending sci-fi and facts, raising questions about the universe, and ponders on the endless possibilities for our species. As one of the designer babies destined for greatness, Commander Jenna Morton and her proficient crew embark on their journey to search for microbial life on Europa, Jupiter's icy moon.

Set in AD 2049, to say that Senescence is ambitious might be an understatement as it’s filled with hope and insight into the future of humankind as well as its potential to be better in all aspects of life. Be it fact or fiction, this literary sci-fi story is a fascinating 'tour' of what we can achieve if we put our efforts into positive endeavors-from biological and technological developments that keep progressing today. Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, augmented reality, and more accomplishment in science in various disciplines give a glimpse of what our lives could be in the future. Of course, there will always be the negative effects that can stem even from the most optimistic efforts such as the accumulation of space junk and, worryingly, space war. The odyssey of Jenna Morton and her crew is incredible but not without complications. Overall, Denver Scott's passion for science and her fellow humans' potential shows in her writing, making Senescence a fascinating read.