Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

The Knights of Arrethtrae

Young Adult - Mythology/Fairy Tale
176 Pages
Reviewed on 07/25/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Chuck Black transports the reader back to a time of sword battles, chivalry, knights in armor and good versus evil.  The Knights of Arrethtrae series continues with Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart.  While this novel stands alone I strongly suggest the reader begin with book 1 and read the whole series.  This series focus is young readers however; we older fans will enjoy it too.  There are strong Christian symbolism throughout this series.

Sir Dalton’s faith was not as strong as his peers.   He was captured by Shadow Warrior Sir Prox and imprisoned.  Prox’s goal is to turn Dalton to the other side.  Dalton manages to escape and meets Master Sejus who talked with him and explains things to him.  Young Dalton’s heart was so filled with passion and faith that he wants to return to the prison and free the captives.

This story is a fast paced, easy read.  The message is easy to pick up and to understand.  I have read the whole series and can hardly wait for the next installment.

Lynellen Perry

I really enjoyed "Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart." It is book 3 of the series "The Knights of Arrethtrae", but stands on its own without the need to read the previous books first. I enjoyed a few of the world quirks: the country of "Arrethtrae" is "Earth Terra" spelled backwards, and the Son of the King is Sejus (a scramble of Jesus). The place where the country began is "Nedehaven", which has "Eden" in the front of it and is near the river Tisgri (a scramble of Tigris River). Fun. The story is easy to read, yet not simplistic. The allegory is nicely done, and the author skillfully weaves in present action with flashbacks. This is clearly Christian fiction and delivers a clear message without being heavy handed. I think that pre-teens (and older) would really enjoy this story. Highly recommended.

Barbara Warren

Sir Dalton is proud to be a member of the Order of the Knights of the Prince, but he's just not as committed as he could be. He senses there is something he is missing concerning the Prince. As he begins to search for answers, he becomes aware of an hidden enemy who seems to be stalking him. Also, young knighs of the order are disappearing at an alarming rate and no one seems to know how or why. Dalton is attracted to the lovely Lady Byrnn, but he was born a commoner, and as such must prove himself worthy of her attention.
Dalton learns he can't serve two masters, and he is faced with a question that only he can answer. Will he serve the Prince with his whole heart, or will he follow the prince of darkness. As he fights to overcome the dangerous forces closing in on him, he struggles to make the right choices.
If you like Christian fantasy, and I do, this book is for you. Written for young adults, it is loaded with symbolish, mighty battles, and brave knights. I'm a long way from being a young adult, but I really enjoyed this one.


Written as young adult allegory, Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart tells the story of young Dalton who is in training to become a Knight of the Prince.

During his training, he meets two new novices who seem to be very zealous in the ways of their King and Prince while the trainer gives advice that seems to be contrary to the King's ways.

This book cuts through the years as if you were watching a Saturday morning cartoon which makes it excellent for a young mind to consume. I passed it on to a teenager friend of mine and they had it read within the day. He loved it!

Dalton makes his way beyond training and, on his first battle mission, gets captured by the evil Lord Drox.

Lord Drox preys on the fears of fellow soldiers and takes Dalton to his cavernous prison. Here, Dalton finds other Knights of the Prince who have given up their zeal and hope of escape.

Following his daring escape, Dalton is mortally wounded by Lord Drox but survives due to the rescue of a mysterious man who claims to collect things and make them like new. For those playing along at home, you should catch on to this allegorical character.

Once healed, Dalton decides to return to the prison and rescue his fellow Knights. But will he overcome his fear of Lord Drox?