So You Want To Climb Mount Lovemore...

99 Rules To Survive 'I Do'

Non-Fiction - Humor/Comedy
198 Pages
Reviewed on 07/06/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

So You Want to Climb Mount Lovemore...: 99 Rules To Survive 'I Do' by A. Hubby is a humorous, hard look at the reality of marriage and relationships in general, at what doesn’t work, at what enhances it, and many things inbetween. The book creates ninety-nine rules that are loaded with insights and that explore the different facades of the life of a couple. This is a book with a message for a wide range of readers, including those who are single, those who are considering marriage, and those who are already married. The book is comprised of 99 rules to enhance any relationship and it takes the reader through the psychology of love in both men and women, exploring the differences between the way men and women look at realities such as sex, raising kids, household chores, etc., and literally confronting readers with the reality they should embrace or accept.

A. Hubby comes across as a relationship expert, looking past the traditional ideas we have about marriage and relationships, and showing readers what makes relationships fulfilling and lasting. As one reads through this humorous, enlightening, and insightful book, one becomes more aware of how the dating game has evolved, one develops a keener awareness of the factors that can help keep the flame of love alive, and the differences that need to be worked out to make the relationship a fruitful and enduring one. So You Want to Climb Mount Lovemore...: 99 Rules to Survive 'I Do' is beautifully written and readers will enjoy the popular and conversational style of the author. Each rule looks at an aspect of a relationship, states how men and women naturally would approach that aspect, and then what the reality looks like. Here is a book that will challenge readers on everything they think they knew about love and marriage, and will set them on the path to becoming game changers in the art of falling in love. It’s a great read, entertaining, and hilarious.