Are you ready to accept God's Power?

Christian - Biblical Counseling
256 Pages
Reviewed on 01/13/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

Are you ready to accept God’s power in your life? Are you ready to SOAR? In Kenny Lucks’ newest book in the God’s Man Series he teaches you how to say yes to and be open to the Holy Spirit; to actively pursue and release the power of the Holy Spirit. Just as God created the Eagle to soar aloft and spread his wings, so was man created to spread his wings. Many men today are spiritually imprinted servants of God, but they tuck their wings and sit like a pigeon refusing to spread them and fly.

In the four sections of the book Transitions, Transformations, Transactions and Study Guide, the author uses examples taken from his own life to illustrate how not to fight the new man that God is in the midst of making. Throughout the short chapters in this book Mr. Luck teaches one to have a vision, have hope and how to get rid of the spiritual laziness that is so prevalent in today’s society, especially in the confines of the church.

As I read the book I acknowledged the fact that this book is not only for men, but women also can take this book to heart and learn a lesson from it. One verse that I felt had a powerful impact was “It simply doesn’t make sense for the Comforter to bring comfort to the comfortable." Comfort is more deeply felt and experienced by those that are in discomfort. Recommended for all. An excellent book for small groups.