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Reviewed on 11/12/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Major Karen O’Reilly of the Allied Nations of Earth Space Agency (ANESA) was concerned about her star-sister, Zara. There were six graves before her one had a gold chain and medallion hanging on it, as she took it in her hand she was approached by a foreign energy (Sedric). It took the shape of a sand man before touching her and bonding with her life force. She looked down and recognized her lifeless body lying at her feet. Oddly she still clutched a gold chain and medallion in her spiritual hand.

She felt herself float upward through the cosmos, traveling faster and faster until she came to an abrupt stop. Next she found herself on a starship with a Shimuran. Suddenly she was wrenched away from him and knew she had lost something important. She was reunited with her body back on the Titan moon. But she left her heart with Caradoc.

The Shimuran was Caradoc, Sedric’s son. He recognized his father’s medallion. Zara was his half sister.

Karen and Ryan Dunn both want to command the first Earth ship sent into deep space. He didn’t believe women belonged in space. It would be a tough battle. She must win so she can search for Zara. He has a large ego and doesn’t easily admit defeat.

On the mission Karen once again has an out of body experience. Once again she encounters Caradoc only to discover he is betrothed to another.

No man could own Karen, she was not a possession.

Star Born is an entertaining science fiction, adventure, romance. Karen is a larger than life character. Caradoc is her perfect mate. There is a message of equality in this story. A man can not own another. Ann O’Bannon is a creative and talented author.