Strawberry Fields For Evan

Fiction - Fantasy - General
395 Pages
Reviewed on 01/26/2014
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Author Biography

Evan Fritz is a songwriter by day and frustrated drummer in a cover band by night. Inspired by his lifelong idols, the Beatles, his one dream in life is to make his musical mark on the world.
Through a twist of fate, Evan finds himself transported to 1962 Liverpool: the launching pad for Beatlemania.

Evan hatches a plan that will bring his dreams and his heroes together as he learns to cope in a world where legends are just around the corner, and the future is just a drumbeat away.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Evan’s life revolves around music; by day he is a song writer and by night a drummer. The Beatles was his favorite band and his apartment was filled with their vinyls, posters, and other memorabilia, making it almost a museum dedicated to the four young men that changed the world of music. Evan was a very talented song writer, but his mother and father pressured him to go to college. There was pressure all around him. But something strange was going on with Evan. He’d see a bright light and then hear a crackle and suddenly be somewhere else. It was only for seconds at first, but then lasted longer and longer. Eventually, he found himself in Liverpool fifty years in the past, 1962. Evan was living his dream.

Strawberry Fields For Evan was written by Wilson Quick who is a serious Beatles fan. Quick has created a unique plot that will thrill fans of the Beatles. I grew up in the '60s and felt as if I had been transported back in time right along with Evan. There is a lot of Beatles trivia in Strawberry Fields for Evan that was new to me. It is evident that Wilson Quick spent a lot of time thoroughly researching the subject. The author brilliantly allows the reader’s anticipation to build as they await the meeting between Evan and the Beatles. The reactions of Evan’s '60s friends was fun and reminded me of the openness and innocence of the young people of the era. Evan’s character demonstrates great depth and a complex personality. Quick is a talented writer and I look forward to more of his books.