Summon the Tiger

Non-Fiction - Autobiography
242 Pages
Reviewed on 07/16/2017
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Author Biography

Wendy Sura Thomson received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and her master’s degree from Florida State University. She has worked in finance, management consulting, strategy and process design in the telecommunication, automotive and information technology industries.

Thomson is semiretired and lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with her two beloved Irish setters. Writing this book was all my son's idea.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson is a memoir that shows just how brave one person can be. Wendy Sura Thomson was born in the year of the tiger and the events that have taken place during the course of her life perfectly embody the fierce and fearless force that is a tiger. From the day she was born, Wendy had to face adversity head on because she was born with congenital skeletal abnormalities and, when she was only a toddler, one leg had to be amputated. With parents who had their own demons to face, Wendy dealt with more than anyone should have to, but she found solace and escape in books. So how much adventure, triumphs and failures can one life hold? Dive into this real story and find out.

I never used to read many memoirs, but in the last few years I have found myself enjoying them more and more, and books like Summon the Tiger are exactly why. Some of the events that happen throughout Wendy Sura Thomson's life are the stuff of fiction, and yet these things happened and the author bravely tells all, allowing you to walk through her life right next to her. I can't even begin to fathom how much strength it took to make it through such a hard childhood. Then managing to summon bravery enough to literally jump ship on an abusive family and cut her own path in the world, a path that was by no means certain or easy.

I have always felt that when we face trials in life we can do one of two things. We can allow those trials to define us, become who we are and fall into the misery that often results. Or we can use those trials to form us and strengthen us, understanding that they are something we have gone through, but it is not who we are, to walk through the fire and come out the other side forged and stronger. Wendy Sura Thomson is a prime example of choosing to let the experiences of pain and hardship forge one into something stronger. Despite an abusive childhood and a hard to bear illness, she has risen and become successful in life both professionally and personally. I can't find the words to accurately say how this book made me feel; it is a wonderful example and I applaud how much it took to write this story as well as live through the events in it. If you want to feel inspired and find the strength to work through your own trials in life, read this book. I promise that you will enjoy every moment of it.

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)

There’s no shortage of hardship in life for everyone, but for someone who is destined for a difficult life even before they take their first breath, it becomes even more problematic. Still, Wendy doesn’t give up, no matter what happens. Overcoming obstacles has become a way of life for her, and Wendy is able to push herself to do more than many would have thought by never giving up on herself and her goals in life. Whether it’s achieving a scholarship to study at MSU, to meeting the love of her life, or losing jobs and struggling to pay the bills, to taking care of her two boys through their college years and beyond, she’s never backed down from a challenge in Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson.

This is a story of the strength that really comes from within. Wendy has always fought her own demons and worked hard to achieve all of the things she wants in her life. She’s always pushed herself through and succeeds, even when others think she might fail or when things start getting tough. This is a book about perseverance and I think it definitely makes people think a little harder about what others might be going through, and even about how much they can go through themselves. It’s a book that gets you inside the mind of someone who is strong and comfortable in her own skin, which are two things that everyone needs to learn how to do for themselves. It’s a book that I would recommend. Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson is one I think readers will really enjoy.

Gisela Dixon

Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson is an autobiography told in the first person by Wendy herself. Wendy’s life journey begins in a modest way as we are introduced to Wendy and her family at the beginning. From there, we learn about her congenital bone abnormalities that cause deformities in the bones in the body, which in Wendy’s case is reflected in her arm and leg. As a child, Wendy learned to live with an artificial leg and all of the challenges that came with it. As well as dealing with the challenges due to her disability and medical condition, an additional factor is the dysfunction in her family chiefly caused by her mother. The fact that her mother tried to look for an institution for disabled children so she could palm Wendy off there, her father’s PTSD and alcoholism, and the family dynamics resulting from dysfunction present a world of neglect and pain for Wendy. In spite of this, she pursues her dreams, travels, starts earning her own living, and goes on to become a highly successful professional. In spite of failed relationships, the fact that she enjoys a great relationship with her children is testament to the fact that the cycle of abuse and dysfunction need not continue into the next generation and that this can be changed.

Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson is a wonderful memoir and I thought Wendy came across as a calm, non-judgmental, strong, and sensible person with a good head on her shoulders. It is not easy growing up with a permanent disability and a neglectful or abusive family background, but Wendy appears to have risen above it. I also loved the fact that she is a great parent to her children and has a good relationship with them, which is admirable. The writing style of this autobiography is smooth and sequential. Wendy’s story itself is compelling and gives hope to other people who may be in similar situations. This is an engaging memoir that I would recommend.