Surfing with Snakes & Dragons

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons

and other Tales of Suburbia

Fiction - Literary
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 08/14/2017
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Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons, and other Tales of Suburbia by Roger J. Couture is a collection of eight short stories depicting the way of life (and more) in southern California. From the outside, California is sunny, happy and full of opportunities (and to an extent, it is true as well), but the people who are living there are no different than the rest of the world. The people living in this Golden State are living their life in a contrast, yet they make the best of it and rise above it.

The book opens with “Surfing with Snakes & Dragons” and ends with “Of Loves, Lovers and Mistresses” and with the stories in between, we get to visit California from the inside. The first story is about a surfer who has his inner demons whom he battles as he battles untamed waves. My other favorite story was "Spin...Cock...Pull!" which is the story of a tattoo artist who is fighting his own demons, but unlike our surfer that we meet in the first story, our tattoo guy is fighting his own brand of demons. Why I liked it the most? Because it felt real and very raw!

In fact, all of these stories felt very real. Author Roger J. Couture knows how to tell a story and he takes full advantage of this. There is dry humor and intelligent remarks, the imagery is breathtaking and so real that you can almost touch what the character is touching and feel what the character is feeling. This is simply too fabulous to adequately put into words! Superb!

Gisela Dixon

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons and other Tales of Suburbia by Roger J. Couture is a collection of short stories revolving around the culture and lifestyle of Southern California. The book consists of eight short stories, each dealing with a unique theme against the backdrop of the surf and vibe of Southern California. The stories range in topics from romantic love and flings, drug addiction, bikes and tattoo parlors, and of course the quintessential sport associated with California—surfing. Each of the stories explores the lives of various people in So Cal culture, along with their lifestyle and the Californian laid back attitude to life.

I quite enjoyed reading the variety of stories in Surfing with Snakes & Dragons and other Tales of Suburbia by Roger J. Couture and found that they capture the sunny, relaxed California vibe quite well. The writing could have been a bit crisper and I felt that a couple of the stories were a tad too long, but still the overall content was an enjoyable read. I liked how the stories made me actually imagine the surf, the waves, the ocean, the bikers and skaters, etc. of California and made me feel as if I was living in Los Angeles or a surrounding area myself. To me, hearing about California from a local perspective made this book fun and I am sure anyone who has been to or likes California will certainly enjoy these short stories.