The Chocolate Diaries

Secrets for a Sweeter Journey on the Rocky Road of Life

Christian - Living
208 Pages
Reviewed on 06/11/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Fran L. for Readers' Favorite

Chocolate lovers and addicts, this book is just what the sweet tooth might have ordered as you learn the many recipes, secrets and treats created in The Chocolate Diaries Secrets for a Sweeter Journey on the Rocky Road. Stress can play havoc on your body and mind. Some women use sweets and chocolate as a way of releasing tension, making themselves feel better and handling the what life throws at them. Added to each chapter is a sweet treat or recipe for those chocolate lovers. Throughout the book, the author shares real life stories, dealing with real life situations many women face when they are depressed, dealing with financial worries, broken marriages, unemployment, or just having problems dealing with life in general.

One chapter titled, 'Chocolate is a Perfect Food,' really caught my eye. In that chapter the author recounts the reasons why people should become writers, such as you do not have to get dressed to do that job and you can write from home. She adds research that she did dealing with the importance of journaling one's thoughts and writing down one's feelings when things get out of control. It includes many stories that will help the reader understand the value of this strategy.

At the end of each chapter the author includes a short summary titled, 'Food for Thought,' where she summarizes the salient points in that section plus asks the reader to reflect on several questions and try to answer them. Of course for those who love chocolate she has her many great recipes to keep one's sweet tooth happy. Life is almost like a recipe with many different ingredients that you mix in order to have a better life.

The author discusses real life situations in her life that other women have dealt with or are dealing with: broken relationships, how to get over your ex, financial stress, dating, difficult teens, roadblocks in life, and the many inventive ways she compares the hurdles we all overcome. The chapter titles are unique and give the reader pause for thought. At the end of each chapter the author offers questions that deal with the salient points in her book that everyone can answer and apply to their own situations. This book has something for everyone, especially the chocolate recipes. After all, chocolate to some people makes everything seem so much better and less bitter. To learn more about how to work out your life in a more positive way you need to read this book for yourself.