The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative

Volume I: From Waterloo to Meridian

Fiction - Humor/Comedy
276 Pages
Reviewed on 02/20/2016
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Author Biography

T.S. Creager is an author from Richmond, Virginia who intensively researches real historical events in order to very accurately write incredibly silly stories about them. No matter what kind of history it is, T.S. Creager is pretty sure it can be turned into something both fun and funny.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative (Volume I: From Waterloo to Meridian) by T.S. Creager is the first in a historical series. Historical time travel to be precise. Dhlara and Jylling are minding their own business, living their lives in a perfectly ordinary modern world, until Arthur Wellesley appears in the bar they are in. General Arthur Wellesley, that is, from the 19th century. Without further ado, he takes them on a journey, first to the Ministries of Time, a secret place that controls every single thing that has ever happened in the history of the world. There he has some bad news for them. You see, Napoleon Bonaparte is running amok, not doing what he should be doing, and is changing the way history should be. The French Emperor took a trip back in time, hitching a lift on a giant squid, and won the Battle of Waterloo. Now he is using that victory to rule the world and change the course of history. It is up to Dhlara and Jylling to stop him, to put things right, and restore history to how it should be – before time itself is destroyed. Neither is prepared for what they will face along the way, nor the people that they will meet, and they are about to learn that nothing is quite as it should be.

The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative (Volume I: From Waterloo to Meridian) by T.S. Creager is an absolutely amazing novel. It is a wonderful adventure story, mixing real history with adventure and time travel, a bit of a historical sci-fi mashup. It has to be one the most fun books I have read for a long while. The story is extremely well crafted. A lot of research has gone into it and that shows in the results. The characters were clearly defined, well developed, and the story allows the reader a chance to get to know them properly. T.S. Creager writes in a way that draws the reader in, telling a story that you so desperately want to be a part of that you simply can’t put the book down. I can’t wait for the next volume and I really hope it’s as good as this one was. Highly recommended for any type of reader – everyone will enjoy this.

Kim Anisi

The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative is Volume I of From Waterloo to Meridian by T.S. Creager and tells a story about how the world can change when there is someone who uses time travel to his chaotic advantage. In this case it's Napoleon himself. Defeat is a big no-no for him, and the discovery of time travel is a real advantage for him. However, the ministry of order does not quite like it when someone messes with time, and the minister of time (kind of) kidnaps two helpers: Jylling and Dhlara. He expects them to set things right (without much help from his side, though). On their journey, they meet some interesting characters; some helpful, some not so much.

The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative by T.S. Creager is an entertaining mix of history (kind of altered), a bit of fantasy, and lots of humour. I am always a bit cautious when I pick up books from that category. I like fun, but I don't like ridiculous, and this book has definitely hit the mark for me. I love books with alternative histories, and I love it when you meet "familiar" characters. So I was quite thrilled when Captain Teach aka Blackbeard made an appearance. It was immense fun to read and I was never bored for a minute. I only have one criticism: The pronunciation of Jylling confuses me. And is Dhlara Lara? Or De-Lara? This was the only thing that lessened the enjoyment a little (for a short while). Maybe a guide on how to pronounce names like this at the start of the book would be a very good idea. Apart from that, it's excellent reading!

Rosie Malezer

Such an odd, yet marvellous concept! The End of Time: Volume 1 (From Waterloo to Meridian) by T.S. Creager is the first book of a series in which time travel plays a key role. Jylling and Dhlara (from the 19th century) are enjoying a drink in a bar when an oddly-dressed stranger kidnaps them, taking them both through a portal to the Ministries of Time. Their assistance in restoring order to history’s timeline is demanded by the Minister of Order after the Minister of Chaos (aka Napoleon, aka ‘Boney’) had decided to change history by winning the Battle of Waterloo. With the help of new friends Hasdrubal and the Minister of Maintenance, Melvin (the previously embodied head), they search the history books, trying to find the exact moment that Napoleon made the changes so they can restore the timeline to its original status.

During their extensive time travelling adventures, they witness giant squids, vikings, and pirates before having to raise their own army and enter a race against time to save their dragon-slaying friend, Gordon. With many new friends (and enemies) in tow, they make their way back to the Ministries of Time to find that it has been overthrown by the evil Captain Ollinger of the time travelling ship Eruewerer. Nothing is as they left it, nor is anything as it seems to be. When the time travelling troupe eventually finds Napoleon, it takes some hefty deciphering to realize who carries the real threat to history’s timeline of past, present and future.

Lovers of history, maritime vessels, travel and science-fiction/fantasy will love T.S. Creager’s time travelling tale. Not only is it an adventure of the seas, but the book takes its readers on a trip around the world through various points of history. The End of Time: Volume 1 (From Waterloo to Meridian) flowed steadily from the first page to the very last, bringing with it action, adventure, jealousy and judgement. I look forward to reading the next chapter in this incredible adventure.