The Envelope

A Jake Palmer Novel

Fiction - Suspense
245 Pages
Reviewed on 01/07/2017
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Author Biography

Ron McManus’s debut work, Libido’s Twist, won a Writer’s Digest award in genre fiction and his follow-up work, The Drone Enigma, received critical acclaim. A former naval officer, he was global vice president of R&D quality and regulatory compliance for GlaxoSmithKline and lived and worked in London for several years. Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, he was director of Program Integrity at the North Carolina Medical Peer Review Foundation, where he established the state’s first Medicaid fraud investigation unit. Ron and his wife Mildred live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

Breathtaking suspense and international intrigue describe the Ron McManus fictional work, The Envelope: A Jake Palmer Novel. Jake Palmer, who had been a Navy SEAL, now works as an investigative consultant for Pennsylvania’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Jake heads to New York City to attend the wedding of his father and much younger famous model. Accompanying Jake to the wedding is his girlfriend from London, Fiona Collins. Allowing her quiet time to get settled into their room, Jake heads to the hotel bar for a quick drink. Dennis Goodman, a Special Agent from Homeland Security Investigations, shows up, trying to recruit Jake to join him on a case. The action begins immediately. Soon, Jake and Fiona are entangled in a complicated scheme of counterfeit medicine and money laundering. The quest to find the perpetrators of this illegal and complicated organization leads to many terrifying situations across two continents.

While author Ron McManus involves many agencies, corporations and characters in The Envelope, it is easy to follow this complex plot. Mr. McManus demonstrates a working knowledge of these agencies. Likewise, he competently develops realistic characters, and the dialogue is crisp and believable. He writes in a clear, straightforward manner, moving quickly from one situation to another. Added to this adventurous mix is Jake’s romantic relationship with Fiona and the tenuous relationship with his father. The book is a true page-turner, as the reader cannot wait to see how Jake extricates himself from impossible, against-all-odds circumstances. What a great adventure!

Faridah Nassozi

In The Envelope - A Jake Palmer Novel by Ron McManus, Jake Palmer, former Navy SEAL now investigative consultant, dreaded going to New York for his father's wedding, but he was also excited about spending some time with his girlfriend who had flown in from London for the occasion. However, everything turns messy when a federal agent is gunned down just after handing him a mysterious envelope and a cryptic message. Despite his best efforts to stay away from the case and let the feds handle it, he is pulled in after a series of seemingly random unfortunate events become too many for him to deal with. A mob boss's nephew dead after taking counterfeit medicine, a federal agent murdered, a personal loss, and many more lives in danger send Jake racing across countries to track down the culprits. For him, the chase is now personal and he is not afraid to go up against powerful and ruthless enemies to get to the bottom of it all.

The Envelope by Ron McManus is the third book in the Jake Palmer series and a worthy addition. From the very start, the story pulls you into a thrilling plot filled with suspense and intrigue as Jake races against the clock to save countless innocent lives. Just like with the other Jake Palmer novels, Ron McManus keeps the plot fresh with twists round every corner and an intense thrill that will have you reading the book in one go. The Envelope is a gripping detective story that blends medical science and criminal fiction with captivating depth, without letting the details take over the thrill of the story. Once you pick it up, you will not put it down.