The Fat Burner Secrets

The Eamer Method

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Reviewed on 06/02/2014
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Author Biography

Professional Fitness Coach, Author, Speaker

Dan made a commitment to living a fit and healthy lifestyle in January of 1985 with a New Year’s resolution to get into shape and build an impressive physique. With time he realized that fitness, proper eating, and training were more than just personal past-times; they were really the foundation that represented his passionate commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

As is natural, one always wants to share one’s passion. Dan did just that by using his accumulated experience to help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. He has been working as a fitness trainer since 1988.

With the idea of making personal training his profession, Dan obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science (Specialization in Athletic Therapy) from Concordia University in Montreal in 1995. He also holds various certifications in the health and fitness field. More notably, he holds the prestigious title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association based in the United States.

Dan possesses a “Champion of the People” attitude and is constantly battling the fraudulent practices that seem to have infested the health and fitness domain, particularly those pertaining to weight loss and muscular development. His refusal to accept the norm in an industry that is fraught with pseudo-fitness experts, a sheep-like mentality and charlatans is what sets him apart.

He likes to call himself an anti-viral treatment against all of the urban legends, baseless myths, and outright dishonest practices in the industry.

Today, Dan enthusiastically communicates his experience and passion with corporate and private clients through his books, science-backed blog articles, seminars, program development, and personal coaching. He possesses the strong ability to communicate his ideas and experiences in a user-friendly manner.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Dinorah Blackman for Readers' Favorite

The Fat Burner Secrets by Daniel Eamer is an amazing book. Written in a user friendly format, Eamer takes the reader on an interesting journey of discovering why we are accumulating fat and what to do about it. The Fat Burner Secrets is not complicated or filled with technical terminology that’s hard to understand. Instead, it points out the reasons why dieting is not the smartest way to lose weight. For instance, as children, most of us were rewarded for our good behavior with sweets, and this is why candy usually makes us feel good. Also, it’s absolutely unnecessary to have dessert after a meal, but it’s a well-established habit in which most people engage. These food-oriented customs don’t make a lot of sense and are really harmful for our health. Sugar is very fattening and few people are aware of this fact. When fat is removed from foods, most of the taste is lost. In order to accentuate the taste of the processed meal, a large amount of sugar is added. Hence, most fat-free foods are packed full of sugar. The Fat Burner Secret shares valuable information regarding the foods that must be avoided in order to ensure that the body burns fat instead of storing it.

Written in the form of a candid conversation between a personal trainer and a few close friends, The Fat Burner Secrets is a one-of-a-kind health and fitness masterpiece that offers extremely valuable information regarding weight loss and health. Daniel Eamer makes weight-loss a simple task of reorganizing eating habits and developing an exercise routine that works. Anyone can easily understand and benefit from this book. The advice shared in The Fat Burner Secrets is practical, scientifically proven, and easy to follow. Unlike other books and manuals that bog down the reader with fancy words and terminology, The Fat Burner Secrets is as uncomplicated as they come. Weight loss becomes an art and a lifestyle after reading this book. It's all about eating the best way that you can for as much time as you can. The exercise routines included are uncomplicated and easy to do, even when you're on vacation. Daniel Eamer also includes a checklist of what to look for when thinking about hiring a personal trainer. This is a must-read book for anybody interested in their health.