The Goddess You

Principles for living in soul alignment

Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural
180 Pages
Reviewed on 06/08/2017
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Author Biography

Jeanne Street’s life has been defined through her relationships with family, friends and those souls who find themselves within her loving, soul-aligned insight. She is a devoted wife to her husband, Brian; the mother of four grown children; and grandmother to three and counting.
Possessing the ability to know clearly the soul needs of others and how to soothe and guide them during their time of need, Street has now come to see the fruition of her gifts in her classes and client consultations and compiled them in The Goddess You.
The gift of her loving, soul-aligned attention has been guiding others her whole life. She has guided those she loves through their struggles while implementing a higher vibrational thought-system her whole life. At age five, Street began this journey of helping others with her deep connection to God while offering love and support. Although Street was unaware that she indeed had the gift of mediumship, and that others did not feel and know the same things she did, it did not hinder the guided love that rushed through her onto others.
Street serves her community in a myriad of ways, including sharing, teaching and gifting or discounting her services with those whom Spirit brings her way. Street previously served on the board of directors for the Women Center of Greater Danbury in Danbury, Connecticut, for four years. Now, she shares her services with the center’s staff and clients.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Carla Trueheart for Readers' Favorite

The Goddess You: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment is the perfect book for anyone looking to better their life through positive guidance and divine healing. Included in the book are definitions of angels, personal stories, breathing exercises, information about chakras, and my favorite, bonus sections to help you with journaling. The book is beautifully illustrated with a consistent, pleasing pattern and colors, and I particularly loved the colors in the chakra section! Author Jeanne Street discusses topics we can all relate to, such as dealing with life’s challenges and forgetting to see the joy, as well as themes of forgiveness and karma. There are also meditations and calming techniques that should benefit readers and help them become attuned to divine energies.

I enjoyed that The Goddess You: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment was one part informational book, one part workbook. The book is extremely interactive, and because I have trouble with journaling, I was delighted to read all the prompts and exercises. Author Jeanne Street shares so many personal stories, and by the end, the reader not only feels a connection to the author, but a thankfulness that so much information was gained through the pages. My favorite section was the chakra chapter, but I also enjoyed the meditations and the information on health, particularly food. There is just so much included in this book, and the chapters are neatly set up and the flow works terrifically. I recommend this book to those interested in divine energy and finding alternative methods to relax and enjoy life!

Alyssa Elmore

Do you feel that your life is just one dramatic event after another? Do you feel that you are just a shadow of the person you used to be? How do you reclaim your life and happiness? The Goddess You (Principles For Living In Soul Alignment) by Jeanne Street is a spiritual healing workbook designed to help the reader detach from the stories that they have created so that they can start living in Light and Love. Using the twelve principles within this book, the reader learns how to detach from their own drama by widening their perspective and how to forgive themselves and others. They also learn how to raise their energetic vibration using different and convenient methods that anyone can apply, anywhere. Stop living a fear-based life. Embrace your natural gifts, and celebrate your uniqueness. Be The Goddess You!

The Goddess You (Principles For Living In Soul Alignment) by Jeanne Street is a beautifully written inspirational blueprint for becoming perfectly aligned with your soul purpose. The author, a psychic-medium, tells her story with grace and charm, drawing the reader into her world, and helping them apply her principles in real life circumstances. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the chapter on forgiveness. I have read many books, and have heard the lectures my whole young life, but I felt that the author had something new to say. This book is especially designed to help the reader heal from past traumas, accept their abilities, and live without fear. I am confident that the reader will certainly finish this book healthier and feeling more blessed. By applying the principles in this book, the reader can finally release ego-based living and start living with a purpose in love. Even though this book is written as a complementary text to The Goddess You Journal, it can easily be used on its own.
I recommend this book to healers and lightworkers that are struggling to embrace their gifts, though anyone searching to attain true happiness and peace will benefit from reading it.

J. Aislynn d Merricksson

The Goddess You by Jeanne Street is a culmination of her personal experiences learning to work with Spirit. She has distilled these lessons into twelve distinct principles. Throughout the course of the book, Street gives practical exercises, journal prompts, and anecdotal stories. Being a metaphysicist, as my husband, a theoretical physicist himself, calls me, this book was right up my alley. How our own thoughts shape our personal realities fascinates the philosopher, the psychologist, and the anthropologist in me. And, of course, there very much is that quantum component as well, of which we know so very little. It's like one of my favourite quotes reminds us: “One man’s mumbo jumbo is another man's religion, and yet another’s science.”

Street stresses the importance of journaling as a way to focus thoughts and track trends. She suggests keeping a 'Goddess Journal’ (or God journal. Males have that divine spark too!) as you go through the book. Principle One is concerned with quieting the mind, a meditation goal that is the basis for all the rest of the exercises. Principle Two deals with concepts of self-love, a particularly difficult thing for me. Street’s lesson helped me appreciate my unique challenges in this area, for like her, I am a sensitive, an empath. Principle Three discusses how changing your reactions can cause a cascade affecting all areas of your life, and how you can work on changing those reactions for the better. Principle Four deals with the basics of energy work, dovetailing nicely with Principle Five regarding releasing energetic blocks; Six with learning to let go of what is no longer beneficial, and Seven regarding working with your chakras. Eight concerns the value of physical health as it ties to your spiritual work and your intuition, while Nine, Ten, and Eleven focus on aspects of emotional and mental health. I love that she substitutes 'flock' for a certain four-letter, multipurpose curse word. It reminded me of my grandmother - if she flipped someone the bird, she'd then put up all four fingers and say it was a flock of birds. I do that now if I'm irritated as it amuses me and defuses my irritation. Principle Twelve discusses intuition, a very valuable skill to cultivate.

All in all, Jeanne Street's The Goddess You is a wonderful and engaging read if you want to learn how to tap into the Divine within. The exercises are clear, and as fun as they can be. Some are just not pleasant to the monkey mind, and will take getting used to. This is a perfect book for those interested in metaphysical skills, but needing to tie it to a more 'Christian’ framework to make it acceptable, or as a beginner's introduction to such skills. The artwork within is quite beautiful as well. Highly recommended