The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women

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Reviewed on 05/04/2017
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Author Biography

Kevin James Breaux has written seven books and devoted the past ten years of his life to crafting short stories and novels. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, Paranormal Romance Guild, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Breaux is always enthusiastic about the challenge writing presents. He lives by the motto “Write Makes Might!”© and sees each new page as an opportunity to improve and advance.

Breaux was formerly represented by Marisa A. Corvisiero, the founder of the Corvisiero Literary Agency.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Megan Sparrow for Readers' Favorite

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women by Kevin James Breaux follows the journey of warrior-woman Astrid the White, daughter of Kol, after she wakes up after her home of Birka was raided. She doesn’t know where she is, how she got to be there, or what has happened to her family. Walking to a nearby town, she befriends Warren, an ex-soldier, who gives her a place to stay and attempts to help her figure out the mystery that surrounds her…

This book was a great read. Not only does it have an awesome, attention-grabbing cover, but it is full of twists and turns and bloody action. To begin with, Astrid was a hard character to feel connected to, however, as the story wore on and we got to know her, she became more relatable, until at the end she’s a heroine you’re cheering for. I loved the fact that this story had so many twists and turns, it kept me on my toes all the way to the end. Kevin James Breaux ties all the characters together effortlessly and, in the end, little things that I thought were insignificant to the larger mystery all came together to add to the story. Also, that ending! The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women ends on a cliffhanger, with several unanswered questions, but thankfully there will be a second book, which I'm so grateful for because I NEED to know if Astrid and Warren resolve their issues and what happened to the baby. Plus, I'm hoping to hear more about Astrid's brother, Jokul!

Ray Simmons

I love mythology. Greek mythology is the type most seen in pop culture, but for me all mythologies are interesting. My favorite is Norse mythology. There is something brave and tragic built into it and it is built around a very fierce warrior culture. For all those fans of Vikings and other things Norse, The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women by Kevin James Breaux is a great book to read. I loved it. I am a fan of history and warrior cultures and this book features enough action to satisfy my love of historical times and my love of a good fight. I found it well written and action oriented. And my favorite aspect is that the protagonist is a woman.

Astrid is fierce and loyal from the very beginning of The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women. But what is so enjoyable about her is that she has plenty of room for personal growth and Kevin James Breaux guides us along her personal journey with the pen of a master craftsman. The plot and her personal journey are well written and done skillfully. All the characters are totally believable for the time and culture in which the story takes place. A great book all round. I think this one will be a surprise sleeper. It has all the characteristics of a book that will grow in reputation and popularity until it becomes a best seller. Good writing, good characters, and a great tale will keep Kevin James Breaux moving steadily up the bestseller ranks.

Ruffina Oserio

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women by Kevin James Breaux is a glorious tale of war and bravery, a story of a female Viking warrior who finds herself in a very tight and challenging situation. Growing up beside her father, Astrid the White has learned the art of war from the very best in the land, and has harnessed her skills so well that she gains the reputation as one of the finest fighters among the Vikings. But when she wakes up in the strange city of Birka, to the sound of war, she knows something must be wrong. She quickly discovers that it’s not a test from the gods or her father to have her prove herself, but staying alive. But can she win a battle against the monsters, the creatures seething with darkness and inconceivable strength?

This is an incredible book that poignantly represents the Viking spirit, crafted with wonderful characters like Astrid, Kol, Yrsa and many others. The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women will transport readers into a world with the kind of violence and warfare only the Vikings know. The plot is fast-paced, constructed with short chapters that are quick to read, all packed with intense action. Kevin James Breaux stands out as a master of his craft, and the writing is exquisite, laced with vivid descriptions that allow readers to penetrate the minds of the characters and to relive the electrifying actions in their imaginations. I enjoyed the references to Viking lore and mythology, especially the part that Odin, the father of all the Vikings, plays in the life of the characters, and the powerful quest for Valhalla that throbs within their breasts. This is a gripping story that reads like a great movie.