The Mirror In My Dorm Room

A Time Travel Story

Fiction - Time Travel
60 Pages
Reviewed on 01/20/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Justina has moved into her new dorm room and she’s settled into her classes. With all the course work, she hardly pays attention to the mysterious antique mirror left behind in her room. That is until the elaborate jewel embedded in the frame starts glowing and the mirror pulls her into a past era full of bootleggers and crime bosses and an intriguing unsolved mystery. In this new time period, Justina is someone else. She’s even dressed to fit into the crowd. It’s all very confusing, but once she figures out that the mirror is a time travel portal, she finds a way to sort out the mystery of the past that draws her through the mirror from the future.

Lashonda Beauregard’s short story, The Mirror in My Dorm Room (A Time Travel Story), has the potential of being a fascinating time travel adventure, coupled with a little bit of mystery and amateur sleuthing. The characters are introduced primarily through dialogue and a bit of backstory to fit them into the plot. There is enough description to make the reader appreciate the setting and, most particularly, the beautiful, but mysterious antique mirror. The dialogue is a bit stilted at times, but it does help to move the story along. Although there is probably some significance to the sidebar section set in ancient Egypt (something to do with the power of the stone on the mirror), since it isn’t fully developed, it leaves the reader wondering as to its purpose in the story. Overall, I did find this an interesting read.