The Salvador Dalí Formula

a gripping psychological intellectual thriller

Fiction - Thriller - Psychological
386 Pages
Reviewed on 12/05/2022
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Author Biography

D. Labovich is a novelist from Montenegro whose books have been translated into several languages. She holds the masters' degrees in philosophy and psychotherapy. She is a lover of metaphysics, art and philosophy of ancient cultures.

"The Salvador Dali Formula" is her debut thriller. The interesting fact is that D. Labovich visited almost every archaeological site in the world that she wrote about in this novel. She previously published allegorical esoteric novellas, a period drama, romance, historical fiction, poetry, as well as articles for Science in the Contemporary Information Society in various languages.

D. Labovich lives with her husband and two children on the coast of the beautiful Adriatic Sea in an apartment with a view of the beach, rains, storms, and red sunsets.

If you want to read more about D. Labovich, visit her website or social networks.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

The Salvador Dali Formula by D. Labovich is an intense psychological thriller with a dynamic plot and compelling characters. Charles Clark, an unsuccessful journalist, wishes to drive the best sports car, find the love of his life, get promoted, and get one of his architectural projects to be recognized. He always felt that there must be some secret magic that helps a person realize their desires. When he stumbles upon the mystery of Salvador Dali’s famous artwork, The Persistence of Memory, his wishes come true in just a single day. However, Charles is not aware that he and the love of his life are about to become the target of a secret Oxford society intent on unlocking the mystery of the formula known as Atom Dali. This formula is the key to the God Particle that will change the way humanity views the world, as it will begin a new era where there will be no more atheists in the world.

The Salvador Dali Formula is a highly imaginative tapestry of secret histories, codes, symbols, and academic intrigue. Author D. Labovich challenges readers with a fast-paced and intellectually-stimulating storyline wrapped in a mystery to rival that of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Another aspect that makes it a real page-turner is that the author surprises you at every turn. Charles encounters weird characters and bizarre events as he tries to decode thought-provoking facts that may also lead him to answers about his parents' deaths. In the Salvador Dali Formula, you get plenty of information on underground academic circles and their obsession with the holy grail of knowledge. It has a satisfying arc that will make you feel glad you joined Charles in this must-read adventure.

Andy Hutchings

An intense and thrilling mystery awaits you in The Salvador Dali Formula as author D. Labovich spins a clever web of intrigue, to ensnare not just the lead characters Charles and Anita, but also readers. After peeking into the mystery of Dali’s Persistence of Memory, Charles Clark receives the life of his dreams, but he also acquires a target on his back, as his parents' killer sets their sights on him. As the two investigate the strange formula that turned Charles’ life around, a killer starts eliminating members of the society hunting them, forcing them to run not just from their hunter but from the police as well.

The Salvador Dali Formula has a consistently exciting and engaging style that never allows the feeling of danger to leave the reader's mind completely, even in moments of calm, with tension and threat always feeling close at hand, as the core mystery around the formula begins to unfold. The author wastes no time in establishing Charles as a grounded protagonist the reader can relate to, even as the world around him is thrust into mysticism and intrigue, cleverly creating an accessible core for the narrative to build on. His relationship with Anita is equally compelling and the well-constructed dynamic between the two of them lends emotional weight to the story throughout. D. Labovich’s excellent prose is matched by a pitch-perfect sense of pacing, which keeps the story moving without letting it get overwhelming, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish as they are eager to discover what final fate awaits Charles and Anita.

Alma Boucher

The Salvador Dali Formula by D. Labovich is a psychological, intellectual thriller based on facts. Charles Clark and his friend Ethan are invited to a press conference. It is the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Salvador Dali. Charles receives an email with a strange formula about the abilities of the human mind entitled “Atom Dali.” His life is turned upside down because of Dali’s painting, Persistence of Memory. Charles made wishes on his way to the conference and they came true because of Dali’s formula. Charles and Anita reunite at the conference; they had grown up in the same orphanage after their parents were killed. They investigate the formula while on the run from a secret society named Oxford and a serial killer. When the serial killer starts killing members of the secret society, Charles and Anita become the prime suspects.

The Salvador Dali Formula was so interesting, I could not put it down. D. Labovich’s writing style was captivating and had my attention from the start. This thriller was fast-paced and full of action. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. Ancient myths were intertwined with real-life events. It was so easy to become part of the world that revolved around the mysterious formula. I wanted to know more about it. The characters were excellently developed, strong, and authentic, and I easily related to them. My favorite character was Charles; with his knowledge of architecture and the parts of his father's conversations that he could remember, he knew more about the formula than he suspected. There was a major twist that I did not see coming and it was a big surprise to me.


It is an amazing book like I have read many thriller stories but out of these all this is the best book . And anyone who is reading my comment before buying you should buy it if you like thriller and murder mistrey you should take this book