The Sleepwalker Legacy

Fiction - Thriller - Conspiracy
446 Pages
Reviewed on 04/30/2017
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Author Biography

International Award-Winning & Bestselling Author of Sam Jardine Crime Conspiracy Thrillers Series.
Christopher Hepworth has been a professional negotiator for over thirty years, with some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. He has won numerous prestigious awards in his chosen profession of procurement and developed many of the strategies and techniques that are now widely used across the industry.

Born in the UK in 1961 & raised in Zambia in central Africa like his hero, Wilbur Smith, Christopher now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Anne & four children.

The exotic characters in his books reflect his fascination with the charismatic & proud, but often maligned warrior nations around the world, whose stories are screaming to be told. In his books, Christopher’s desk-bound corporate warriors come face to face with those proud peoples, who have suffered the misfortunes of fate & history but their dignity & aspirations remain intact.

Christopher Hepworth has created a new brand of hero for the twenty-first century. Like James Bond, or the lawyers of John Grisham’s thrillers, Sam Jardine must use his occupational skills to thwart the ambitions of ruthless villains who seek to subordinate the world with their depraved sense of moral values. Armed only with a sense of justice, respect for ancient warrior cultures & an extraordinary talent for negotiation, can he win the day or will he be engulfed in the cesspit of corporate politics? For the sake of world peace, let’s hope Sam Jardine is up to the task.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite

The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth is an intense historical mystery novel. The legend of the horrific Sleepwalker sickness that leaves its victims with an incurable mental illness has been all but lost in time after nearly two hundred years of inactivity - save for a few rare cases passed on from generation to generation - until a greedy CEO decides to sell the secret formula to the highest bidder. When Sam Jardine finds himself in a compromised position, he hastily agrees to take a job with a highly regarded international pharmaceutical firm. As Sam begins to get comfortable in his new job, strange things start to happen. A deranged warning, suspicious employees, and cautionary meetings from a covert "Deep Throat" all send Sam searching into the company's two-hundred-year-old history. What he uncovers is appalling, and he suddenly finds himself thrown into the midst of corporate espionage, murder, and a century-old government cover-up. Will he survive? Will Sam, after two hundred years, be able to put an ancient curse to rest? Or will he be consumed by it?

The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth is a powerful historical mystery novel artfully blending the past with the present. I appreciated how the author brought the legend of the Sleepwalker Legacy to life in such a realistic manner. The herbal aspect, along with the Native American details, kept me well-entertained. This novel is peppered with intrigue, suspense and a touch of romance in such a way that, once I started reading, I had to finish it one sitting! I would recommend this book to those that like reading suspense novels enhanced with history similar to James Rollins' books.

Charla White

An Exciting and Thrilling - Best of the Financial Thrillers - A MUST Read!

The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth is a financial thriller that will keep you up at night wondering just exactly what the government is truly up to in the pharmaceutical world.

British Scientist, George Napier saw first-hand the use of the drug Berserker and the violently deadly outcomes when used during the war of 1814. The drug’s deadly after affects destroys the life of his Native American lover and drives him to eradicate Berserker and its “cure.” The Berserker drug causes those who consume it to become fanatically dangerous.

She was still unable to explain what had possessed her to track down a murderous band of Taliban terrorists single-handedly for three days after they had captured her platoon’s Afghan interpreter. Reineker had ambushed and destroyed the war band while they rested for water… She took out four of the Taliban soldiers … picked off the other three … She shot her final victim from a distance of over four hundred yards …
Two hundred years later, his descendant Sam Jardine who is a top notch negotiator finds himself drawn into the Sleepwalker Legacy and the fight his ancestors began to defeat the sale of the drug to the military. Knowing that if this drug were released widely into the military or finds its way into the hands of terrorists, it would only be a matter of time before the end of mankind arrived.

The female characters: Nova, the Warrior Princess, Tiva her daughter, Cassie and Rachael all exhibit extremely strong female traits of high intelligence and personalities. Sam, at first comes across as a victim caught in a web but over time he becomes a vividly strong personality and worthy of the battle he is going to face.

Highly believable and well-researched, this book will capture your attention to the point you cannot put the book down! Richly described, you can feel the emotions emanating from each character whether it is fear, rage or blind hate. The characters are fully developed and weaved throughout the story to where you find each and every one integral to the storyline.

The plot is well executed and mind blowing. Some of the twists are so unexpected that you will find your mouth hanging open in shock. This is a great book and one not to be missed!

Casey Living

Loved this financial thriller

When one talks about mixing finance and fiction, most people's eyes glaze over thinking that they are going to be conned into reading something either incredibly boring or very confusing. With a well-written financial thriller, this is folly and anyone who has read the likes of Diane Capri or Stephen Frey should know that these can be some very exciting reads. I can now add author Christopher Hepworth to my list of those who can write an intriguing tale in this genre and I thoroughly enjoyed his latest, "The Sleepwalker Legacy".

Part historical fiction, part thriller, this is the story of greed in the pharmaceutical industry, a definite pet peeve of mine. Sam Jardine is a pretty awesome negotiator, yet isn't without some quirks and a few troubles of his own. Narrowly escaping China after a business deal, he becomes involved with the Beckett family and Napier pharmaceuticals. As he learns more about his own family history, he realizes that the goals of this company are not very ethical and this sets up quite a dilemma for him. Add this to the fact that his girlfriend, Cassie, seems to be a descendent of someone infected centuries before and is rapidly losing a battle to maintain her sanity.

I found this to be a very well written and fast paced adventure that was super hard to put down. The idea that the government would want to use a drug like this on its soldiers was plausible to me and I really liked the twist at the end. Definitely recommend.


I like it

The Sleepwalker Legacy is an exciting thriller that forces the reader to look deep within and make a
decision … ethics and morals, or greed and power? Christopher Hepworth weaves a tale that begins
in 1814 during the American and Indian war and continues today. Who will win the battle? Only
time and determination will tell.

A violent and deadly drug has been studied since 1814. The circumstances surrounding this drug has
the military watering at the mouth and the political powers are covertly pulling the strings. Sam
Jardine is a professional negotiator who finds himself embroiled in political, military and big
pharmaceutical business. He discovers a secret about his family and suddenly he has a purpose that
will not only affect his girlfriend but the entire world.

“I am not sure I can last that long, Dr. Kearney. The nightmares are getting much worse. They are so
much more vivid and they feel so real. Something terrible is going to happen …”
Can the past help Sam? Can he negotiate his way out of the battle and still win? These are all
questions the reader will have and won’t be able to put the book down until the answers are given.
Hepworth’s ability to weave a tale and then follow each twist and turn skillfully never leaving
anything to chance is amazing. I was unable to put the book down. The character development, like
the plot development was expertly executed. No one who reads The Sleepwalker Legacy will look at
life the same again; for every reader, there will grow a tiny seed of a conspiracy theorist. This is a
definite must read!


An Excellent Financial Medical Mystery

This guy really knows how to write a good book! The action flowed from the very first page rather like a James Bond movie, but had a much more intelligent plot. The characters were fascinating and had many dimensions to their personalities. You were unsure how they were going to react and what side of the moral ledger they would end up (particularly Sam’s boss Rachael.) The hero Sam is not certainly not your typical hero in the James Bond sense. As his protector, the giant scot Mungo says on the plane to Washington: ‘Yer up tae yer arse in a situation that’s spinning rapidly oot of yer control.’ And yet Sam is no mug either. He starts off as the ordinary guy doing his job and then sets off with single-minded determination to save the world from the side effects of the most hideous drug ever developed. Along the way he must confront jealous ex boyfriends, drug dealers, mafia style hit men, sociopathic CEOs, crazy female politicians with a fondness for handcuffs and finally a boat full of Special Forces soldiers!

There is absolutely no let up from the action and the clever plot that just keeps on twisting and turning. I was unable to put the book down even for a minute for fear of missing out on some subtlety or clue that would enable Sam to complete his family’s two hundred year quest to destroy the drug named Berserker and its hideous side effect known as the Sleepwalker Legacy.

Almira Buketova

This is an intelligent and well written medical thriller that left me impressed

I don’t doubt that a drug just like this does exist and that there is a government itching to use it. The scenario portrayed in The Sleepwalker Legacy is entirely plausible and the author cleverly sucks us into the conspiracy by drip feeding us snippets of information on just how downright dangerous this drug actually is. Even smarter is the revelation that the hero Sam discovers his own family is up to its neck in the development of the drug that he is trying to destroy. Sam must confront a serious moral dilemma, for if the pharmaceutical company cannot sell Berserker to the government then it will face financial collapse and delay the cure for Alzheimer’s for many years. Luckily Sam is guided through his moral challenge by his great uncle Roy who was witness to an appalling ‘friendly fire’ incident brought on by the use of the drug in world war two.
I particularly liked how the author stepped back ever further in time like a modern day HG Wells in the ‘Time Machine’ to pin down the clues needed to solve Cassie’s illness. Using different techniques such as recalling seventy year old memories through hypnosis and family research Sam Jardine is able to turn the tables on the giant pharmaceutical company and beat them at their own game.
This is an intelligent and well written book that left me impressed. I hope to see many more thrillers written by Christopher Hepworth.

Sam J

Hollywood potential

This Novel gripped me from the very first chapter to the final twist at the very end. The characters stayed with me long after I had put the book down. The plot was both highly entertaining and credible. I could really see this book being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. Highly recommended.

Susan Bratus

Great spin on history - highly recommend!

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. The author mentioned that it was based loosely on truth...which is the very essence of much that will put the reader on edge - it did me! I will most likely read another book by this author in the future.

Mas Gatos

A well plotted story, which also involves a history lesson of Native Americans and British soldiers. Captures your imagination and never lets the action drop for a second.