The United States of Trump

The Independent Guide to the Donald Trump Phenomenon and the General Election

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
190 Pages
Reviewed on 10/09/2016
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Author Biography

Bernhard Klee is an independent Marketing expert and political analyst. His refreshing analysis of Donald Trump, the politician, and the 2016 race is born out of those two perspectives. Contrary to the image conveyed, Donald Trump’s success is driven by a well-crafted marketing strategy and a deep understanding of the changed American electorate and media game. The changes are a sign of changing times, but also a natural reaction by voters to move our country beyond partisanship and ideological divide.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Scila Colombo for Readers' Favorite

America’s presidential race is the biggest showcase of democracy in the world, but never before has it so captivated the world’s attention, with the clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominating America. Trump evokes extreme and varied emotions among voters in a way no other candidate in recent memory has done. People across the globe are wondering how did a real estate mogul turned reality TV star get this far? Why does he continue to win support? And, could he actually win?

In The United States of Trump, author Bernhard Klee draws on his political insights and combines them with his business and marketing expertise to examine this ongoing phenomenon. Explaining the what and the why, Klee shows how it all makes perfect sense, demonstrating the effectiveness of Trump’s marketing strategy and the way it satisfies Americans’ insatiable appetite for this kind of sensationalism. If you are one of those people who is still wondering how did “The Donald” get this far in the presidential race, then you have to read this book.

Bernhard Klee delivers an insightful, precise, and even funny analysis of Trump’s brand and political campaign, showing how his unusual approach - scandalous yet genuine - may or may not represent what America really needs. As the 2016 presidential race is nearing the finish, and the candidates begin the last leg to the White House, this book will help you in understanding what's behind the scenes of one of fiercest campaigns ever. A valuable contribution to a richer, smarter discussion. A must-read for everyone.