Three Immortals

Fiction - Science Fiction
346 Pages
Reviewed on 11/02/2021
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Author Biography

Bert-Oliver Boehmer is a science fiction writer and author of the new novel “Three Immortals”. After two decades of working with innovative software and bioinformatics companies, he turned his passion for futuristic technologies, exotic biology, and artificial intelligence into the foundation of a vast space opera universe.

Bert-Oliver holds a degree in computer science and has traveled this planet extensively. Since 2020, he focuses on telling stories about what we might find elsewhere and elsewhen.

He lives with his wife and daughters in Southern California, where his Jeep leaves tire tracks on many trails.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Three Immortals is a work of fiction in the science fiction and adventure subgenres and was penned by author Bert-Oliver Boehmer. Written for the general adult reading audience, this exciting space opera takes us into a far-flung future where humanity has had to pick itself up from the ashes of ruin in the Milky Way. As a fierce empress looms with an interstellar threat, war hero Kel Chaada tries to lead a modest nation but finds himself caught in the crossfire of a much bigger fight. When Kel flees to the farthest reaches of the universe to get out of human space, the wisdom he finds there may be just what is needed to uncover the secrets behind the immortals who have seized power.

Author Bert-Oliver Boehmer has crafted a truly thrilling science fiction work that is part space opera and part all-out interstellar war novel. The intricacies of galactic warfare make a really exciting backdrop against which the story takes place, with the ever-growing intensity of the conflict rising in the background. In this tense setting, we find amazing moments of fascination and innovation as Kel goes on a voyage of discovery for ancient wisdom, exciting new tech, and a poignant explanation of what has happened to humanity over the millennia. Overall, I would definitely recommend Three Immortals to fans of high-octane space drama that has all the refinements and poignancies of intelligent hard-core science fiction but also a ton of emotional realism in its characters and message. An unmissable adventure indeed.