Unveiled Faith

A Last Day Revelation of Faith

Christian - Living
288 Pages
Reviewed on 11/17/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Wade M. Hurt’s purpose for writing this book is to define faith. “Faith is the foundation of Christian living. It is the power that makes all the promises of God a reality in the believer’s life.” The three attributes of faith are: “The promises of God may only be obtained through faith. The only way we can please God is through faith. Those who are saved called to live by it.”

There is more than one type of faith: Biblical Faith, Divine Faith, Human Faith, and Counterfeit or Humanistic Faith.

Too often Christians are waiting for God to show His faithfulness. God is always faithful. It isn’t faith if we wait for God to prove Himself.

I suppose many consider me naïve. My faith is simple. I believe that God is my creator, He is the creator. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin birth. I believe He died for my sins. I repeat my faith is simple. I will follow wherever my Lord leads. My faith is much like Peter’s. He was impulsive and willing to jump out of the boat while the other eleven held on to the side in fear. He was momentarily distracted and began to sink. He cried out to Jesus for help and immediately Christ held out His hand and lifted him up. That’s my faith. I jump out of the boat. I may be come momentarily distracted and begin to sink but I know the moment I cry out Jesus will lift me up.

I enjoyed Unveiling Faith. Hurt has attempted to simplify what can be a complicated topic. God has blessings in store for each of us on earth and in heaven. If we will listen for God’s voice and submit our life to His will he will bless us. Once you have read this book your perception of faith will never be the same.


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