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Reviewed on 08/30/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye. for Readers' Favorite

Verita is a nice futuristic tale that has Sci-Fi and romance included. The idea is quite interesting, and who knows, maybe it will come to pass in a near future. The theme has been done before, like most fantasy tales, and like all the others, this one also has it own twist. The first part is dedicated to establishing the characters on their new planet and their working teams. The second part is dedicated to Brett, the main character, and her romances with two young men.

Verita is a new planet some hundred years away from Brett’s world. It is discovered by a group of scientists who can’t wait to get people there. Brett is just a normal fifteen-year-old girl with a best friend and her first boyfriend. Everything is taken away from her when her parents take the second honeymoon they have been waiting for all their lives and die in an accident.

Now in foster care, Brett finds out that her boyfriend has already replaced her with another girl and that her best friend wants to move on. Alone and without a reason to stay, Brett volunteers to take the hundred-year-long trip to Verita. She and a bunch of other kids are sent in hibernation toward the new planet. While they sleep they not only receive a new future, but also learn their new occupations and all that they will need to survive.

I love the plot of this tale. It is interesting, and well developed. While the writing flows mostly smoothly, this tale has typos and extra words here and there. A professional editor would really bring this great tale to the right place in the heart of the people. The characters are well done as well as the descriptions of the scenery. This book has such great potential a good editing will make it fantastic.