Victory Dancing for Teens

Smooth Moves for Getting to the Winner's Circle

Non-Fiction - Self Help
186 Pages
Reviewed on 02/20/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kristie Ingerto for Readers' Favorite

The premise of this book is that negative thinking keeps adolescents from accomplishment and personal achievement. The author presents a series of techniques and practices to help the reader overcome negative thinking such that energy can be freed toward more productive goals.

There is certainly a great deal of credence to imagining positive accomplishment and to motivating oneself to achieve what is desired. However, to think that every teen can respond to such techniques may be unrealistic. There are far too many factors in underachievement to conclude that positive thinking techniques such as visualizing colors, listening to music, positive visualization and positive affirmation can overcome all obstacles.

However, many teens can and will respond to the author's techniques, and it will help them to achieve. Others will not respond because of external factors or because of lack of consistent practice of the techniques. Teens who are already somewhat motivated will probably be the best readers for this book. The author promotes visualizing with music and color so that the teen can believe in him or herself even when others do not have such faith.

Setting goals and carrying through with motivation to practice the techniques are the keys to achieving many life goals, and the author has done a credible job in helping others to find a methodology which might assist them toward their personal life goals.