What Daddy Didn't Know

Letters of a Fatherless Child

Non-Fiction - Autobiography
192 Pages
Reviewed on 09/29/2017
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Author Biography

Lance Brazelton is a 22 year-old Award-winning author, publisher, illustrator, poet, and motivational speaker.

In April of 2016, Lance wrote, illustrated, and self-published his first book titled “What Daddy Didn’t Know” Letters of a Fatherless Child. It serves as a memoir of his childhood, detailing how he overcame life-changing challenges while on the verge of becoming a statistic.

In May of 2017, "What Daddy Didn't Know" won the gold medal in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards; in the category for autobiography. The National Indie Excellence Awards is a National book competition for independent publishers; winning this award is one of the highest honors a self-publisher can achieve.

Lance is now pursuing a career in motivational speaking, so he can embody his writing by presenting speeches to audiences that relate to his topics. He speaks at schools, churches, events, conferences, and organization meetings.

His main target audience is at-risk youth, because he knows what it’s like to grow up in an environment surrounded by circumstances. His motive for pursuing this type of work is because kids are our future, so it’s important to inspire their young minds.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

What Daddy Didn't Know: Letters of a Fatherless Child by Lance Brazelton is an autobiography that is gripping, as entertaining as it is informative. Here is a story of a 21-year-old Afro-American who grew up in the absence of his father. In this spellbinding autobiography, the author speaks to his father with brutal honesty, taking the reader along on a journey through a difficult childhood, with traumas and challenges that fatherless children face across the world. The writing is beautiful, mature, and at times insightful. The scenes in the author’s life are described with poignancy and moving clarity. At times the reader will feel like crying and at other times they will find themselves rooting for the young protagonist; it's a voice that young readers, especially those growing up in the absence of their fathers, should heed. It is powerful and compelling.

I was instantly attracted to the title of this book and my curiosity soon grew into keen interest as I read this thrilling tale. The author’s economy of language and the masterful use of the epistolary style are in themselves delightful. The themes of parenthood, coming-of-age, making difficult choices, and taking responsibility for one’s life are so beautifully woven into the story. Lance Brazelton has the gift of pulling readers into his worldview, making them feel his powerful emotions, forcing them to fit into his shoes, and delighting them with the warm moments of his life. What Daddy Didn't Know: Letters of a Fatherless Child is a gift for the young and for parents, a story that entertains hugely and that sheds a luminous light on what it feels like to grow up without a father.