What You Gonna Do With All That Belly?

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#4

Children - Picture Book
40 Pages
Reviewed on 01/11/2019
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Author Biography

Daniel Georges passionately creates picture books that resonate with his understanding of the complexity of growing up. His quirky MY CRAZY STORIES series supports young readers in developing a deeper emotional awareness and self-confidence to better deal with the world surrounding them. Daniel's books won the attention and endorsement of juvenile literature supporting organizations among which the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and the Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation Dubai. He also won the Purple Dragonfly Award for best picture book given by Story Monsters Ink Magazine, the renowned Children's books literary resource for teachers and school librarians across the USA. With great feedback from kids, parents and educators, MY CRAZY STORIES books are frequently featured in the All-Star Top 100 most read children's books on Amazon. www.mycrazystories.com

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

What You Gonna Do With All That Belly? by Daniel Georges is an entertaining fantasy story that speaks about balancing sugar intake into the body and having a healthy level of physical activity. Ronnie loves bonbons, lollipops, jellybeans, and gummies. One night he ate a full bag of jelly bears before going to bed and he still wanted more. So he left one jelly bear and wished for it to become a giant so that he would have a giant amount of candy to eat. He woke up to strange noises that night and found his jelly bear alive. The bear kept eating everything in Ronnie's room and he grew with every bite. Ronnie chased him out on the street and the jelly bear ate everything he saw. He grew bigger and bigger and his head almost touched the moon. How does Ronnie tackle the problem and make the bear tiny again?

This story is a fun way to help children understand the consequences of overeating. It will also teach them to eat healthily and indulge in physical activity to remain fit. The illustrations are delightful and they bring the concept, the characters, and the scenes alive for young readers. I like the way the author finds a solution to the problem of overeating sweets and controlling sweet addiction in a way that is interesting to readers. It is a good story for parents and tutors to help children understand the problems of having too much of sugar, and if there is a child at home or in class who loves to eat bonbons, jellies, and other sweets, then this story is the best way to make them understand the consequences of indulging in them.