When Will My Life Not Suck?

Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned

Christian - Biblical Counseling
160 Pages
Reviewed on 10/24/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lori M for Readers' Favorite

While I wasn't in the actual living room in Brentwood, TN, described in the book, the one with the upper middle class well-coifed women during their bible study, one suddenly said, " . . . What I really want to know is this: When will my life not suck?" I feel as if I've been in that conversation a number of times. When Christians are authentic and transparent with one another, sharing their pains, fears, and frustrations rather than trying to look perfect on the outside, God makes things happen.

Author Ramon Presson asks us in his book, "How strange is it that when we ask God to bless us, what we want is simply more of hate than the world can give?" That statement really make me pause.

In "When Will My Life Not Suck," author Ramon Presson offers us authentic hope for the disillusioned. He's funny, witty, and in-your-face about God's plans for us. He shares about his own struggle with depression and provides lots of real-life examples of real hurting people who want to know that there's hope.

I need to read chapter 10 several more times. Its title is "Baggage Claim Getting Past the Past," and it's an area where we all seem to struggle, self-pity or anger about something that happened in our past. Presson explains clearly that we have to set that baggage down because it's too heavy for us to continue to carry.

This book is a delightful, uplifting read.