Women on the Edge

Turning Desperate Times into Desire for God

Christian - Biblical Counseling
208 Pages
Reviewed on 08/24/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

Have you ever felt on the edge? At one time or aother we have all felt that way. We ask ourselves if this is all there is to life. We question whether there should be something more, something better. We consider throwing up our hands and leaving it all behind. Satan plants lies in our minds and causes us to question ourselves. He plants the ideas that we are worthless, not loved and than nothing good lies ahead. Whether it is your job, marriage or life in general we have all felt that way. Satan’s lies can either drive a woman away from God or make their love for God stronger.

In Cindi McMenamin’s newest book she addresses this topic, how to turn the negative outlook into a positive outlook and how to stop living on the edge.

All women should read this book. It is filled with information and personal testimonies from women who have lived on the edge. McMenamin uses scripture to support her statements. As I read I felt that little tug to "Let go and let God." I plan on re-reading this book and with a marker in hand take the time to work out the questions after each chapter.