Worlds Away From Home

Young Adult - Action
128 Pages
Reviewed on 05/18/2013
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After an extraordinarily gruesome day at school, feeling humiliated by her math teacher, Ashley decides to take a nap on her new deckchair. Little did she know her deckchair was no ordinary one.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"Worlds Away from Home" by Samilla Roberts is an adventure story that transports the readers into the realms of adventure, fantasy, dreams and illusions. Ashley decides to take a nap on her new deck chair after a humiliating time at school with her Math teacher. Everyone has a high expectation of Ashley because of her excellent track record in studies. And today was just not her day. Little does she realize while relaxing on the deck chair that it was no ordinary deck chair. Ashley wakes up to find herself in a new land. She has gone back to the time of dinosaurs. Ashley decides to look for her deck chair which brought her here. She realizes that it is not going to be easy finding her deck chair. While on the lookout for the deck chair, Ashley is taken to many new lands and mysterious places. On her own, she learns to survive in the foreign lands. She learns to take care of herself. She realizes her weaknesses and strength. The journey into unknown lands is also a journey within herself which she had not explored before. She is also given an opportunity to understand her inner strength and she realizes that it is very important to dream big. She understands that her brother too had gone through the same experience while sitting on the deck chair even though his experiences were less stressful and scary from that of Ashley's.

I found the book "Worlds Away from Home" by Samilla Roberts extremely interesting. The adventures and the character sketches in the book can capture the attention and imagination of any reader. Children have a very creative mind and this book stimulates the thoughts of any child. The imaginative characters and narrative are appealing to the adult reader too. The theme of the book has underlying tones of inspiration and it reveals the girl's self-discovery of her inner self and strength. I liked the fact that there is a moral and a message in the book.

Maria Beltran

A young girl, Ashley, gets bullied by her Math teacher and becomes depressed. Suddenly, she would rather stay home than go out with her friends after classes. One day, while feeling alone and miserable, she falls asleep on her deck chair and finds herself in another world filled with adventure. She soon realizes that every time she sleeps in her deck chair, she is transported to unknown lands that young people only dream about. Thus began Ashley's series of fascinating adventures into the different worlds of her dreams. The only way she can go back to the real world is to find her deck chair again. Amidst these exciting encounters, she is well on the way to knowing what she really is looking for in life.

This is a delightful coming of age story that will surely get the undivided interest of young readers. Most young people can empathize with Ashley's character because at one time or another, they get the urge to escape from the harsh realities of life. With dreams that seem to be coming true, Ashley is in an enviable position as she experiences her wishes in life. And when she finds out that it is not what she is really looking for, she can just simply go back to reality through her deck chair. Author Samilla Roberts's imagination knows no bounds and her descriptive style is vivid and real. These are the two elements in this narrative that really stand out. This is an inspiring story for young people who find themselves in difficult situations and believe that their lives are miserable. And perhaps, the author's intention is to say that things do not seem the way we perceive them to be, and that finding out what you really want in life is the thing that will really make you happy in the end. I highly recommend this book to young readers!