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Reviewed on 11/27/2017
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Author Biography

A semi-retired physician, Judy draws on her years of medical practice, patient encounters and life experiences for inspiration. A native New Yorker, Judy now lives in Las Vegas, where she is indulging in her four passions.

No longer practicing medicine, Judy is keeping her love of medicine alive by doing clinical research.

While Judy’s career has been predominantly left-brained, she has always filled her free time with artistic pursuits. She is an avid oil painter, singer, and, most recently, author/writer.

Writing became a passion more recently. Her first short story,” Mikey”, submitted for publication to The Literary Nest in April 2015, won the fiction contest. Since then, numerous stories have appeared in online magazines and journals.

Judy’s novel was borne of a suggestion by her daughter about a decade ago that her spare time could be better spent by writing a book. “Worthy” chronicles the lives of two doctors and a hospital chaplain on their quests for fulfillment. An unexpected turn leads them to a discovery which changes the world.

Since her move to Las Vegas, Judy has divided her days among her work, time with her married daughter, and as a member of the Las Vegas Master Singers – the chorus-in-residence of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

She’s working on her second novel.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

Worthy by Judy Salz is a slim, inspirational novel that explores the deeper meaning of friendship, following the lives of three unusual characters bound together by an inscrutable bond. It’s the story of two doctors and a chaplain whose lives are irresistibly linked after a tragedy. Dr. Jenny Gordon has had a very painful past and it catches up with her in ways that tend to overshadow the beauty of her work and womanhood. Dr. Mark Stewart has had a pleasant childhood until a tragedy that altered the way he looks at life. The chaplain, Joseph Waters, has had his own share of problems and he is struggling to redefine his image of God. A friendship between these three people will dramatically change the way they see themselves, God, and the world.

Judy Salz’s novel is very inspiring. It is one of the best books I have read on the spirituality of friendship, a story with deeper layers, exploring the beauty of humanity. This book so beautifully shows how our connections with others can help us see ourselves even better, and how friendship can become a haven for the restless heart. The writing is impeccable and the diction is accessible. Salz has a way with words and her narrative voice is as clear as it is compelling. The characters are well-explored and, through a combination of well-crafted dialogues and highly descriptive prose, the author leads readers into the climates of the hearts of her characters and their inner worlds. Worthy redefines the way we look at friendship and gives readers great entertainment, subtly showing them how to transform their lives through genuine human connections. It’s a page-turner.