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Reviewed on 09/25/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rita Vetsch for Readers' Favorite

YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND is a delightful children’s book written by Peter Brown. Lucy, the bear, announces that she is going to make a new friend one morning. There are so many critters in the large forest that surely one of them would like to be her friend, and they can do all sorts of fun things together. Lucy sets out on her journey through the forest where she encounters many animals. She tries diligently to make friends with them; but things do not work out like she expects, and she does not fit in. It is when Lucy is at her lowest point that something fun and magical happens to her.

I found this children’s book to be very well written, and Peter Brown does a fantastic job in relaying this story on a level that children can easily comprehend. The illustrations are bright, fun to look at, and go with the story perfectly. All children will be able to relate to this story because, at one time or another, each child has difficulty making new friends. The story is very inspiring and encourages children not to give up so easily on making new friendships because, when you least expect it, something truly great can happen. I can easily see this book being read in preschool classrooms, libraries and in the homes of young children. Children will feel relief in knowing that they are not alone in having these feelings of not fitting in and will enjoy this book tremendously. Even though there are many books out there on this topic, this one is very meaningful and fun to read.