Beyond a Black Hole

The Skymasters Series, Book 3
By Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot

“Beyond a Black Hole” by Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot is a highly entertaining and imaginative standalone novel in the “Skymasters” series. Although it works quite nicely as a standalone, it has me wanting very much to read the previous and subsequent episodes. In “Beyond a...

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Buddy's Tail

By K. Anne Russell

As an owner of two young dogs, along with being a parent to two young boys, I am always looking for new and exciting children's books, mostly those with animals in them. When I read the description of K Anne Russell's "Buddy's Tail", I was...

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Brimstone and Lily

The Adventures of Verity Sauveur
By Terry Kroenung

Our heroine in this story is Verity, a twelve year old girl. She doesn’t like to wear shoes, preferring to give her toes room to wiggle and breathe. Around her neck is a necklace. It is a stone shaped a bit like an arrow head...

Battling the Unknown

The Last Rawl Trilogy Book 1
By Meg Christian

Battling the Unknown is the story of sixteen year old Katrina Rawl.  She lives with her aunt Helen.  She doesn’t remember her father, he died when she little.  Her mother died just a few years earlier.  Katrina lives in Umbrodia, a land ruled by an...