Meander Scar

By Lisa J Lickel

Ann Ballard is tired of the waiting, the loneliness, the questions. Will she ever be able to put her husband to rest? Gene has been missing/dead for years, yet she is still married to him until the courts deem otherwise. If only the mother-in-law would...

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Midnight Frolic

By Loree Lough

Cory and Simone broke up two years ago and he still got angry when he thought about her. He tended to judge women by how Simone treated him. Emily had recently purchased the shop next door to Cory’s. The newspaper ran a feature article on her....

My Heart’s Desire

A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love
By Mary Singer Wick

Thirty nine, never married and feeling that "clock" tick too fast. Mary Singer is on the fast track in her career, but a relationship gone wrong, finds Mary relocating, and with a large credit card debt. Follow along on Mary's journey of healing, hope, and...