By Roland Allnach

Prism is a collection of short stories that span multiple locations, times and worlds. Roland Allnach has a great talent for creating worlds, building an atmosphere and painting for the reader a believable setting for each story. His power of description is considerable. The style...

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A Collection of Short Stories
By James Driscoll

For readers who don't like to get into long novels, "Paraskavedekatriaphobia" (fear of Friday the 13th) may be the ideal read. Author James Driscoll takes the reader on many journeys and most of them are dark journeys, journeys that most of us hope we will...

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By Al Riske

"Precarious" is a book of 15 stories about everyday people, their lives, loves, hopes, fears, misunderstandings and so much more. It`ll take you out of the room you`re in and into the midst of the story. You'll feel a range of emotions; it will make...