Dyad Dreams

By Ann Hinnenkamp

This is a story with a plot that will entertain and enthrall you. It is a page-turner from the beginning. The tale is about a new race called Dyads who co-exists in our world and they have for many centuries. They are the one who...

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Daisy Dooley Does Divorce

By Anna Pasternak

Daisy Dooley is a character that you would want to have as your best friend. She is just fun and wacky. She is just as confused as the rest of us who do not want to admit we are confused. This is ironic, because she...

Divorcing Dwayne

By J.L. Miles

Divorcing Dwayne opens with a bang, a double barreled bang. Francine is in jail for shooting at Dwayne and his lover. She not only caught them in bed together but in HER bed. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately she missed both of...