Milward Chronicles Book 2
By Robert Lee Beers

The tale is about a set of twins, a girl and a boy, that are separated from each other and believe each other dead. In their travels the young man looks for his sister but instead he finds an old but powerful wizard. The...

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Dawn of Darkness

By Jeremy Barandela

Jeremy Barandela takes readers on a medieval fantasy adventure in his latest book Dawn of Darkness. Zar Khan and his demons have been released from the underworld. The Collective, deceived by Khan, are released from one curse only to be placed under a different one. He...

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Distant Thunder

Book One The Lightning Chronicles
By Jimmy Root, Jr.

The story begins in Babylon 568 BC. Ezekiel was often ridiculed. Those around him considered him a gibbering idiot. He prophesied to the Israelites but they would not listen. The Lord gave him visions that puzzled and confused him. In one such vision he saw...

Dancing In The Kitchen

By Linda Andrews

Hannah wanted a more exciting life. She was bored with her lifestyle. Excitement, adventure, and making a difference are not bad things...or are they. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Alistair steals the show in this book! ...


By Michele Young

Lady Katerina, heir to the throne of  Latharian, is the one to fulfill the prophecy predicted many years earlier and defeat the Black Magic.  When she is betrayed, her own dragonstone turns black. As she disowns her stone, she now becomes powerless. After a three-year absence,...