Sins of The Flesh

By Caridad Piñeiro

Famous cellist Caterina `Cat' Shaw agreed to undergo an experimental gene therapy to treat her brain tumor. Her two physicians at Wardwell Biotech were Dr. Raymond Edwards and Dr. Rudy Wells. Wells was found murdered and Cat is the major suspect. Edwards hired a mercenary,...

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By Ann O'Bannon

Major Karen O’Reilly of the Allied Nations of Earth Space Agency (ANESA) was concerned about her star-sister, Zara. There were six graves before her one had a gold chain and medallion hanging on it, as she took it in her hand she was approached by...

Sharkey and the Parallel Universe

By Timothy A. Bramlett

Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Award WinnerInspector Locknose called Sharkey and his crew together to discuss a new and dangerous mission. He wants them to explore a parallel universe. The trip is only possible in their new ship the PHD. ...

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Saints In Limbo

By River Jordan

Our unlikely heroine is Velma.  She is mourning the recent death of her husband.  She has agoraphobia.  She will leave her home only when she is low on supplies.  On her birthday a stranger gives her a special rock.  The purpose of the rock is...