Diary Secrets

By J.B DiNizo

Kenneth Lawe was off fighting in the war, having been drafted during WWII, when he learned that his beloved grandmother Charlotte had passed away at the age of ninety-four. While she left his four sisters money, she left Ken the deed to the family home...

Dreams and Nightmares

The Martha Whittaker Story
By Shirley A. Roe

The setting varies but begins in England in the 1860s. Martha was looking forward to the dancing, gowns, parties and balls. Her father had different plans. He forced Martha to marry Jebediah Whitaker. The man was a widow with 3 sons. Not only did Martha...

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Days of Smoke

By Mark Ozeroff

As a child Hans Udet spent hours listening to his Uncle Ernst spin stories about flying for Germany in WWI. His tales heavily influenced Hans' love of aviation and his political views. After enlisting as a pilot in Hitler's air force, Hans quickly moved through...

Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz

A Quinceañera Club Novel
By Belinda Acosta

Ana’s husband is unfaithful. On top of that he moves out and her 14 year old daughter (daddy’s girl) blames Ana for the break up. Ana thinks a Quinceanera is just the thing to get her daughter’s mind off of the break up. A Quinceanera...

Dear John

By Norma L. Betz

Susanna protected herself by keeping everyone at arm’s length. It was not until after the death of her aunt that she realized how much she loved her. Susanna and her faithful companion, Quincy, returned to Massachusetts to settle the estate. Letters from Abigail Adams dated...