Woman of the Wind

By Mary Katherine Arensberg

This book starts out in Connecticut in 1876. When the Pettigrew family home burns to the ground, James Pettigrew decides the best thing for his family is to move to the Idaho territory. While the oldest son, Lewis, hates to leave because their mother is...

Why We Don't Kill Spiders

A Tale of Bannockburn
By Bo Macreery

Sir Walter Scott was just a child sitting at the knee of his grandmother listening intently as his she and his Aunt Jenny told the tale of Robert Bruce’s efforts to win Scotland’s freedom from England in 1314. Years later Scott would retell the story...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Whittaker Family Reunion, The

By Shirley A. Roe

The Whittaker Family Reunion returns readers to the Whittaker family introduced in Of Dreams and Nightmares.  The family is scattered and eager to reunite.  The reader connects with each family member as they prepare to reunite.  Abraham is a doctor living in lower Mississippi.  On...

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