Crimson Harvest

By Thom Mollohan

When teens Heather and Jillian sneak out to go dancing at a new club which promises them “more fun than they had ever had before,” they open up the door to an evil that neither of them realized existed in Argenteret. Kevin, Heather’s uncle, comes...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Carnival of Nightmares

By J. Troy Seate

Carnival Of Nightmares is an anthology of 15 short stories and one novella. Each of these stories is like unwrapping a gift, because you never know what you are going to get! One of my favorite stories had to be "Across The Street." In this story,...

Consuming Entities

By Cons Maxwell Lewis

Consuming Entities begins in the spring of 1057 AD in the Canyon of Mystic Waters. There were several springs in the canyon but only one was thought to have healing powers. The twenty acre valley was considered a place of peace, a place intertribal territory Seventeen...

Charlie Higgins and the Mystery of Nightingale

By Kayad Dualeh

Charlie hates math, but he rather likes science.  He hates school, too.  When his father was offered a new job, the whole family moved to Nightingale.  Carol, Charlie’s mother, enrolls him in North Nightingale Primary.  Charlie and Gabriel become quick friends.   While playing hide n’...