Shaman's Blood

By Anne C. Petty

Alice Waterston starts seeing monsters in the shadows and thinks she’s losing her mind – again. Ned knows first hand how real those monsters are. Separated by time but connected through the curse of a wicked shaman, Alice and Ned must each find a way...

Special Delivery

By Steven Mark Sachs

The setting is present day Connecticut. Lisbat Milliken was a well-known midwife. She took good care of her patients and their babies. However, she had a secret. She collects blood from the mother. Midwife Lisbat Milliken has a need for blood. The woman is possessed. When...

Shroud of Beckoning

Part I of the Ice Water Mansion Series
By Deb Woody

Carla’s childhood wasn’t easy. She felt neglected by her family.  Her mother was abusive.  At first, I thought the abuse was just through the eyes of a four-year-old.  However, the more I read, the more actual abuse was apparent.  The demon senses the child’s unhappiness...