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Up To No Good

By Marsha Cornelius

Up To No Good by Marsha Cornelius is an engaging story that revolves around Rachel who is soon going to turn forty. Her husband, Brian, thinks she is inquisitive as she loves gossiping about her neighbors. Brian is a photographer and Rachel is a writer...

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Just Kidding

Ruby's Prequel Novella (Sorrento Book 0)
By Jianna Higgins

Just Kidding is Ruby’s prequel novella in the Sorrento series, written by Jianna Higgins. Ruby Smith is knowledgeable in many things. As a former action junkie in her youth, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, skiing and four-wheel driving made up just a fragment of her adventurous...

Meat The Family

Based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen
By Nick Coronis

Meat The Family, based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen is a humorous science fiction work written by Nick Coronis. So you thought your family was dysfunctional? James Jones would have a thing or three to tell you about dysfunctional families, and he would...


The Mithista Incident
By Scott Borgman

Angel: The Mithista Incident by Scott Borgman holds great promise for a series with characters that readers will enjoy. Meet Dani Taylor, a normal twenty-three-year-old girl who enjoys partying when she is not at her job. But after a night out with her best friends,...

Champions of the Dragon

Epic Fallacy Book 1
By Michael James Ploof

Champions of the Dragon by Michael James Ploof is the first book in the Epic Fallacy trilogy. In every generation, five are chosen by the Most High Wizard Kazimir to be the Champions of the Dragon. The five chosen are unlikely companions: Murland is an...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Faraway Green

By Jack Young

I discovered Jack Young through the breathtaking novel, Hail, Cigaros! I was instantly drawn to his exceptional craft, so when I took Faraway Green I was expecting a stellar work, and my expectations were met. Jack Young comes across to me as a master of...

Hail, Cigaros!

By Jack Young

Hail, Cigaros! by Jack Young combines humor and the masterful art of storytelling to offer readers a delightful ride. For years, the father of Prescott Bullard Jr. has paid exorbitant sums of money to support the island Republic of Cigaros where he has consistently bought...

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The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals

(a tragi-comedy)
By Perfesser Propah Gandah

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals by Perfesser Propah Gandah begins with a powerful, somewhat hilarious declaration that sets the tone for this wonderful work: “What can I say? I like to tease liberals . . . makes me politically erect. And, after all...

Sympathy for the Devil

By A.J. Aaron

Not surprisingly, Sympathy for the Devil by AJ Aaron is the story of John, better known as the devil. John is bored with life and goes to great lengths to relieve his boredom. It wouldn’t be a story if everything went according to plan, and...

Meat The Family

Based on Meat My Uncle
By Erez Yehoshua Bailen

Meat The Family by Nick Coronis is based on the book Meat My Uncle by Erez Yehoshua Bailen. This book is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy science fiction with elements...

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