By Yana Barbelo

Umbra by Yana Barbelo is an imaginative story filled with religious symbolism. The story begins with the myth of creation, only this time, it isn’t the Word that is primordial, but the darkness. Ohno Hoia bears a collection of seeds and her shadow that follows...

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Urban Faery

A Modern Fantasy
By Angela Savidge

Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy by Angela Savidge is the story of a woman who just wanted to reconnect with nature, but got a lot more than what she thought. When Cate started wading into the ocean, she had no idea that she would be...


A Merfolk Tale, The Under Series Book 1
By M.N. Arzu

Underneath: A Merfolk Tale (The Under Series Book 1) by M.N. Arzú is a mermaid tale like no other. This deservedly award-winning novel begins as a half-drowned merman with a deep gash in his tail washes up on the coast of Maine. The comatose merman...

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Uncle Vernon

By Jenny Twist

Uncle Vernon by Jenny Twist is a haunting short tale reminiscent of classic ghost stories. The main character, Alison, spends a few nights in her boyfriend Gary's family home, where she encounters a ghoulish man after whom the book is named: Uncle Vernon. Having lost...

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