Laws of Depravity

Martyr Maker Series
By Eriq La Salle

“Laws of Depravity” by Eriq La Salle should be on a fast track to Best Seller status. The line between legal and illegal is broad and readily discernible; the line between right and wrong is not so. This intense debut novel will have you pondering...

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Lost Then Found

New Beginnings Series Book 1
By Christina Freeburn

"Lost Then Found" by Christina Freeburn is the first book in her 'New Beginnings Series'. A Christian based suspense thriller with a touch of sweet romance, it will keep the reader wondering throughout how it is going to end. Jonas Knight and his ex wife...

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By Sandra Brown

Honor’s young daughter discovers a sick man lying in the backyard of their rural home. As Honor runs out to help him, she realizes, within moments, that this is simply a ploy for him to get into her home. Terrified, she allows him into...

Love Lust and Petty Crime

By Hercules Bantas

Emmet is an unsatisfied-with-his-life guy who stays with his parents because of his low expectancies and low paying job as a pizza delivery guy. When his vehicle breaks down, he loses his job. He hesitantly prepares for an interview for a job with an insurance...

Love Is Blind

By Karen Wiesner

"Love Is Blind" is book 2 in Karen Wiesner’s “Denim Blue Series”. Detective Orlando Bateman, of the Briar's Point Police Department, was once again working with Silvia Price and Demin McHart. Keeya Nilsen arrived at the station to report that she had been robbed. Orlando...

Little Lamb Lost

By Margaret Fenton

Claire Conover was an idealist who believed in the good in people. Her belief took her into social work, working closely with Ashley. The young mother had turned her life around. Claire helped Ashley regain custody of her son ,Michael. Had Claire made a mistake? Had she...

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Love You To Death

By Shannon K. Butcher

Ashley McBride is missing.  When Elise does not hear from her sister, she rushes home to find her.  She discovers there are other young women missing. A serial killer is running rampant.  He captures beautiful young blonde women, holds them captive and tortures them. Trent...