Glass House

By Patrick Reinken

Anthony Dikembe, supervisor at Laurentian (diamond)Mine in South Africa, is tortured. His brutalized dead body washes up on a South African beach. Anthony was actually an FBI agent working with agents Jackson Hanley and Allen Saifee to get inside the workings of Laurentian Mines where...

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Gideon's Sword

By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

In 1988, twelve-year-old Gideon Crew watched his father, who worked for Army Intelligence, die in a hail of bullets. Years passed before he could exact his revenge upon the person behind the circumstances of the death. Crew, now working at a Los Alamos laboratory, is...

Gray Matter

By Greg Braver

We all want what is best for our children. We want them to be happy, successful, intelligent and well liked. So how far would you go if your child was picked on by the other kids because he had a low IQ? That’s the question...

Garden Of Evil

By Chris Holmes

Once J. Franklin (don’t call him Frank) got a taste of murder, he wanted more. The mad man lived on an old isolated farmstead.  He needed privacy to put his diabolical plan in action.  The  biology teacher at the local college felt unappreciated. However, he...

Guardians, The

By Jack Cavanaugh

One the night of a play honoring their family’s history, Anthony Morgan was murdered. Corby was sent to kill Ethan, Anthony’s twin brother, and to steal the family Bible, an heirloom worth a half a million dollars. The kill would be pleasure for Corby who...